Pete Smalls Is Dead

Pete Smalls Is Dead

Two old pals attend an old friends funeral and find there is more to his death than him being dead.

Two old pals attend an old friends funeral and find there is more to his death than him being dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (au) wrote: Should have assumed by the title, all kinds of horrible.

Hobie P (ca) wrote: This is a rip-off of the Saw Franchise. And much more enjoyable than Saw!

Abel D (ag) wrote: Yet another dud, this later day spoof has all the familiar ingredients:: poor slapstick, lazy wordplay with no wit at all, and references dumped all over, regardless of relevance. Furthermore, despite the title, the plot has little to do with 2001, instead, the plot is a retread of part Naked Gun, part cheap B Movie (though, in the only positive point, the prosthetics on the creatures are fairly good):

Squall C (ca) wrote: A bloated Hollywood style driven movie which only Mimics other garbage.

Matt G (br) wrote: For those who have ever wished for J.D. Salinger's novel "The Catcher in the Rye" to be made into a film, then look no further. Ok, so this isn't actually the Catcher in the Rye, but this film's protagonist and story will keep that story in mind the whole time. If you're a fan of Independent films then you'll love this movie. If you're a fan of Steve Buscemi then you'll love this movie. There's really nothing wrong with it because overall, it's pretty solid.

Deke P (mx) wrote: very interesting comedy with some really great moments.

J M (jp) wrote: looks kinda fun, hear its cool

Brian S (au) wrote: A bloody film for it's time !! But it's very good, it's your classic B movie sci-fi horror film from the 1950's. It has a good forestry atmosphere and sympathetic characters and an original plot line: the fiends aren't aliens from outer space but man made monsters from the thought of a scientist. And some amazing disgusting special effects. Entertaining and surely recommended !!!

Sacha K (fr) wrote: Makes you feel happy from the inside...

Nicola C (ca) wrote: I was expecting to see a Sci Fi flick but as I saw how this movie developed I realized the Sci Fi aspect was merely a background. I wasn't disappointed. It's a good story with very fine acting and there were some surprises in the end making it an excellent story. Its not for everyone but but for those who enjoy a solid human story you won't find better.

Ilja S (es) wrote: Starship Troopers will entertain any fan of gory, mindless alien action from the 90's, who can get pass wooden acting and 90's clichs about space and the future.