film by henry koster

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1934
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Ricardo A (fr) wrote: It suffers from a clumsy third act but the laughs and gags in Life after Beth makes the movie an enjoyable experience.

Emma M (it) wrote: Not your typical bollywood film.Very realistic n beautiful.The songs r to die for!

David D (fr) wrote: Just saw this today in the 3D IMAX theater at the San Diego Natural History Museum. fantastic sweeping coastlines and great underwater sequences really made this a great documentary. The 3D effects were really immersive but also unobtrusive. I loved the musical score for this movie as well. Overall a terrific movie to see, with a powerful message as well.

Juan H (mx) wrote: Famke Janssen was great in this film. As was Rip Torn. I was intrigued by all the characters and how they came about to be in the situations they were in. Unfortunately, the ending, for me, did not play up to the rest of the film.

Panos Y (kr) wrote: 7.5/10 It's actually funny at many points. Quite good.

My n (jp) wrote: the greatest anime movie of all time

Chris C (jp) wrote: Terrible shit. Who the hell green lights crap like this?

Vincent T (br) wrote: Pas mal du tout. Ce Boyle SF est assez surprenant d'ailleurs malgre une deuxieme partie un peu en retrait. Fans de SF je recommande.

Anti R (fr) wrote: Not the best Tarantino and, in retrospect, quite racist. The bad guy is, evidently, a black drug dealer and gang mogul. Samuel L. Jackson again plays up a caricature of black gangster to the delight of white audiences. Rape is also invoked for a cheap laugh. I am disappointed, a shame.

Chris C (nl) wrote: With plenty of dark thrills to balance out with the laughs, Serial Mom is a unique black comedy that succeeds nicely with a strong female lead by Kathleen Turner as the title character.

Ashley M (ru) wrote: It's an alright movie I enjoyed watching it

Jocey D (br) wrote: It's always a pleasure to watch Audrey Hepburn but the storyline was not as tantalizing as presumed.

Karin R (gb) wrote: My dad had a VHS copy sitting in a treasured spot for years, but hating war movies in general, I never dared view it... until now. This is a masterpiece of craft-- screenwriting, casting the ensemble, individual performances, directing... just wow.

Ilja S (br) wrote: For what is it, Tomorrow Never Dies is thrilling and entertaining, but lacks in story and good acting.

Eric B (us) wrote: This obscure relic from Dennis Hopper's down-and-out '70s casts the volatile star as a troubled Vietnam soldier on temporary leave, riding a train across country to escort a coffin home for burial. The plot doesn't go much further than this, and most of the film seems improvised and barely sequenced. Faint story threads include Hooper bantering with an eccentric radical (Dean Stockwell, thoroughly stoned from start to finish) and trying to coax a pretty young thing (Taryn Power) into sex. The soundtrack of '40s standards is a strange choice for a movie with such a topical theme.