Peter and Vandy

Peter and Vandy

Flashbacks and flash-forwards illustrate the rise and fall of a love affair between two New Yorkers.

The film is a love story told out of order. The story shifts back and forth in time, juxtaposing Peter and Vandy's romantic beginnings with the twisted, manipulative, regular couple they become. The film explores the question most couples ask themselves... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack W (fr) wrote: While the film boasts intense and fast-paced sequences, the whole film generally feels like a step down from its previous iterations, toting a decent cast line-up, which is ultimately brought down by a sub-par plotline, laughable CGI, shoddy acting and unnecessary fold into the series of "Resident Evil", simply because of Video Game characters now being dragged into it. While It doesn't do the game series any justice, the final future chapter of the series should prove no different.

William C (gb) wrote: This movie is one of the strangest experiences of a movie I have seen in a while, not quite sure if it was trying to be funny at times or being serious. The film is all about a small film crew from a university who are trying to track a bear with some hunters. They then see a hunter who seems to be not registered to hunt bears and so they believe he is illegally trying to find it himself, but things are not as they seem. We then get introduced to the world of Trolls and what it consists of, the types of trolls, where they live and how they are dealt with. The plot becomes thrilling at times and by the end it leaves you guessing what will happen next, with its odd blend of humour to boot the movie is firmly a good one.The movie features a relatively unknown cast except maybe the comedian Otto Jespersen who to be fair will probably be only known to people in Norway. The cast being unknown works though because it gives the movie a more real feel to it and the footage actually looks like a bunch of amateurs filming it too. The characters are not the best people I felt if you like to connect with the people in a movie but nevertheless they can be funny and it is always good to see their reactions.Andre vredal directs and writes this and it is he who really takes this to a good level, he seems to direct in a way which is the basis for that humour I have mentioned and blends it well with all the things going on in this. He writes it pretty well too and yet again it feels humorous the script, there are times when the script can go a little over the top but it remains all well throughout. Toward the end I did feel the movie starts to actually eclipse it's documentary style and looks like an actual movie more, with this the success comes from it looking real so it's good that only the end looks a little too un-real.With the kind of budget this has you can't expect the trolls to look like they have come from a Hollywood blockbuster but what happens in this is pretty nicely done. The Trolls are usually seen either from far away or in the dark meaning even if the quality of the effects don't look 100% great, you still don't see the detail too much which could have ruined the believable look surrounding this. The movie also excels in creating the troll world, it has it's details all mapped out and never just goes straight for it, in fact some of the most interesting moments come from when the characters are simply sitting round discussing Trolls.Overall Troll Hunter is a fine movie and one I would definitely recommend you watch, it's mix of horror with comedy and of course Trolls makes this a unique watch and in regards to it's documentary style as well. The ending isn't one I personally liked so much but who cares the substance in-between is enough anyway to make it likeable. Look out some of the jokes in this can seem like legit serious lines but really are satirical in nature, this film also employs things like the Christian thing, watch it and you'll see what I mean, it's a weirdly funny addition.

Radinne N (kr) wrote: Far from the mess of 1995. A Solid and crispy action.

Kieran T (it) wrote: solid beginning and ending, those segments which were cyberpunk themed were good, the middle section of the movie which turned into horror and the typical current Japannese obsession with blood was boring and crap. well made and interesting for the budget it was made on.

Max G (gb) wrote: A total abomination of a musical romance that serves no real purpose other than to wreck down the two leads' previous fame from American Idol. Dance choreography all foolhardy, acting all stale, and a plot that's inscrutable. Sure the filmmakers involved thought they would capitalize on American Idol with this, but it laughably fails. No stars.

John B (ag) wrote: Wonderful animated story that keeps you entertained with good characters and a nice story to enjoy

Michael T (es) wrote: Murky, uneven Warner Bros. musical melodrama starts out with a bang, then digresses; Arlen-Mercer score includes "This Time the Dream's On Me" and the Oscar-nominated title song.

Magical W (es) wrote: Absolute waste of two hours. Every actor sucks except for Spock, Decker, and Bones. Every other person onscreen is emotionless. The pacing is way too slow for the story content, and while it can be argued that it's to spark nostalgia for the fans, but "for the fans" often equates to "horrible."