Peter Bell

Peter Bell

Peter is a cheerful, but not a very obedient boy who is growing In a very ordinary Dutch family. His pranks amuse some and cause a lot of trouble to others. Peter pranks are so numerous and incredible, that hit the front pages of city newspapers. Popularity of the boy is growing every day, and he develops not only new friends, but also a powerful enemies. And then the most exciting and dangerous Peter and his friends adventures starts .

Peter is a cheerful, but not a very obedient boy who is groing In a very ordinary Dutch family. His pranks amuse some and cause a lot of trouble to others. Peter pranks are so numerous and incredible, that hit the front pages of city newspapers. Popularity of the boy is growing every day, and he develops not only new friends, but also a powerful enemies. And then the most exciting and dangerous Peter and his friends adventures starts . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (fr) wrote: A funny film about a gay man and his friend who decide to have a baby. The supporting characters are also a hoot

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Marcus C (fr) wrote: It may sound a clich but "Southland Tales" is truly a beautiful mess. It's a project of a visionary director who wasn't able to put his ideas better onscreen. The screenplay has lots of flaws and the movie at moments seems incoherent and dull, but the brilliant cinematic skills and talents of Richard Kelly compensate the flaws. "Southland Tales" will disappoint the average audience, but will please "Donnie Darko"'s die-hard fans.

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Josh H (fr) wrote: A pretty amusing movie with the legendary George Burns as God. It still holds up pretty well after 30 years

Rachel B (fr) wrote: One of Fassbinder's best films! It is a savage social critique of all strata of Queer culture in 70s Germany.

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Sarah F (gb) wrote: i would like to see this

Melissa P (us) wrote: grew up on this awesome movie cant get enough :)

John P (ag) wrote: This movie would have been a lot more convenient for these characters if they just hired Doc Brown and Marty McFly for their time travel. So today, as you may have already know by now, is the official one week anniversary of Paul Walker's unfortunate demise and because of this I wanted to review four of his lesser known movies. "Why not the Fast & Furious films" you may ask? Well because of three reasons; the first is that they are a little too obvious, second is being that they take too long for me to review, and finally is that Paul Walker has been featured in many other movies which some of them were good while others were bad. Which is what today's review is all about, a really bad movie that is probably his second worst film that he was ever in. Now for many of you who may never heard of this ten-year-old flick, Timeline is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton about a team of archeologists that are sent back in time to rescue their professor from medieval France during the Hundred Years War. For those of you who may have never heard of the Hundred Years War, well then let me tell you that it lasted for a very long time against three countries that no one gives a rat's ass about because we are Americans. Any who this movie was one of those stories that Hollywood bought the rights to a book so it can be made on film. What they did not realize at the time was that not everything that sounds good on paper can be morphed onto the big screen. I myself never read the book, but from what I heard it was marginally okay. But having an okay novel doesn't mean you are going to have a blockbuster movie hit, which obviously this film was not. So I think I got enough of the general stuff out of the way, so let us jump right on into my review on Timeline.This movie suffers from a lot of things; like from gaping plot holes, to bad dialogue, and even historical inaccuracies. Paul Walker does an okay job, with his role, as the lead star that looks for his father in the past. However it just feels pretty standard and he does not go above his acting level. Everyone else falls pretty short as well, especially Neal McDonough of all people. There is a scene where he tries horribly to convince an old friend of his to go back with them into the present but that guy decides to kill Neal's character and stay in the past. I don't know why he would do something like that, especially when this is the era where there is no indoor plumbing and the Plague was a huge thing back then. The musical score in this movie falls pretty flat for the most part. Originally they had Jerry Goldsmith to compose the score, but he was replaced by a new score by Brian Tyler. Probably because Jerry Goldsmith died later on that year. The battle scenes between the French and English were the only highlight of this movie where they used interesting strategies that most of these armies used during this war. Apparently somebody at the studio got that part right. In the end it pretty much wraps up like any other standard PG-13 movie, but with a twist which I found to be pretty stupid. Near the end of the film, Gerard Butler's character decides to stay in the past and hook up with some hot French chick. But what was ridiculous about this was that he left behind a sarcophagus with an inscription telling his friends that he had a good life with three children that he named after his friends. Which I find it highly unlikely that they just so happen to find this intact after 600 years with not a single thing that got messed up. Overall, this movie is just one big mess that should not have been made into a movie. I will give credit that the special effects were okay and the battle scenes were good, but it just falls apart entirely which is a real shame. That is why I give this movie only one and a half star.