Peter van Heeren

Peter van Heeren

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Peter van Heeren torrent reviews

Frdric H (gb) wrote: 3 Kids finds themselves having to live with their grandparents for 2 months as per their mother's request. The differences between them and the challenges makes this a good comedy/drama movie.

Erik S (ag) wrote: Fan ocks! Det hr hade jag verkligen sett fram emot. Och jag fick mina frdommar kammade medhrs, men inga som helst argument eller belgg. Det r snackigt och lngsamt (varfr i hela friden pratar Erik Gandini engelska, och s illa?). Spekulativt och ofokuserat nr det kunde varit skrpt och progressivt.

Cornell W (ag) wrote: It shocked me in a good way.

Tom B (ru) wrote: I watched the first 38 minutes of the movie then I got bored... Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.... Boooring...

John M (mx) wrote: A goddamn train wreck. So being the last two at the bar, a girl and a guy (Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield) realize their true feelings for each other and throw caution to the wind after a cab ride... Except he is engaged to marry her best friend (Kate Hudson). I almost don't want to review this because it means spending more time with this movie. Just from the opening scene, you're immediately turned off because everybody here is a terrible human being. Not only is everybody incredibly unlikable, there's also the fact that the soap opera situation they've gotten themselves into only amplifies all of their worst qualities. There are no good characteristics to describe anybody here; Goodwin's character is clumsy and unsure of herself, Egglesfield is dim and a terrible decision maker, and Hudson is a dumb, detestable, obnoxious bitch, the type of person I avoid having ANY association with. I can't stand Kate Hudson; with Fool's Gold, Bride Wars and this, I pray someone does what it takes to get her to stop. The only breath of fresh air in this movie is John Krasinski; not that he is playing a good character, mind you, he's just the only person in this thing that you don't actively hate. In the first half, they build this situation that should have a lot of tension, but that tension is ever-absent, because you never once buy that these people are friends, which is what the movie keeps stopping to tell you; they have no reason to be, and they all treat each other awfully and do things to each other that you wouldn't dream of doing to someone you call a friend, and there isn't a sympathetic one of them in the lot. Then in the second half, they just continue to stay in the same situation, because these people aren't happy unless they aren't happy. They're literally yelling at each other to make a decision until the movie looks at its watch and it's over. It also features one of those scores that tells you how to feel the entire movie, although I couldn't hear most of it over the sound of Kate Hudson's harpie-isms. I hate everything this movie stands for, and I had a miserable time watching it.

Gigi L (mx) wrote: I love this movie sooooo much!! I would give it five stars. It is defiantly the best movie ever made, and is one of my favorites. It makes you cry and laugh. If you have not seen it yet, watch it. I bet you'll really enjoy it. :)

Ross M (mx) wrote: After you get past the absurd idea of "alien blood-mutated mosquito monsters, the movie is not that bad. For its time, the special effects were not that bad, and everyone's gonna laugh at the cheesy dialogue. A movie everyone should see at least once.

Alejandro R (de) wrote: This is one of those epic films that similar to the Chinese film "To Live" spans the decades of tumultuous 20th century Chinese history from the Warlord period through WWII and into the Cultural Revolution. As in the film "To Live" this film also has another great performance from Gong Li, but playing a very different role here. Nevertheless, still brilliant in her performance and strong performances all around. In the foreground of the story is a somewhat complex friendship that has its roots in the Warlord period and is tested repeatedly by numerous violent and political upheavals, but still manages to endure into the year 1977.

Kris V (jp) wrote: Surprisingly good yet somewhat overlooked 80s psycho thriller, about a creepy ventriloquist and a weird plastic medical doll. The overall atmosphere en pacing are really spot-on. Worth digging up.

stephen h (it) wrote: i love this movie there is so many classic bits in it just goes to show what you can do with a few homemade guns . A purple capri and a model of a house truly enspiring .

Deby D (ca) wrote: Are you kidding me? I loved it!

Karsh D (ru) wrote: a survivor of child abuse takes her revenge but unleashes a new hell