Peters landlov

Peters landlov

Harsh times for a ship company and it's workers. Someone must take untraditional methods in use. Others can't let destiny drew apart.

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Bruce P (ru) wrote: Is there a movie that Jackson won't do?

Dean M (ca) wrote: This Aussie comedy-drama film comes from director-writer Sarah Watt's idea because she has fought cancer, and her ability to combine dry humour with turbulent humanity remains impressive. While her quotient of subtle reflections upon everyday concerns - and it's really everything, from materialism and sexualisation of kids to search for God - has increased, this pulls back on the laugh-out-loud levity of Look Both Ways. As such, the trials and tribulations on screen can be a bit too much like real life. Sacha Horler and Matt Day made fantastic chemistry as the married couple of two children.

Steve R (es) wrote: There are some good bits, but it doesn't really hold together all that well.

Allee F (gb) wrote: Good movie. A bit different from the book, but mostly on.

R D (au) wrote: Ten times as good as maximum overdrive.

Sammy S (gb) wrote: The concept was cool, but this movie was the cheesiest. Kraft mac and cheese must bow its head in embarassment

Paul P (jp) wrote: Fosse's decision to start the movie at the end and tell the story with that knowledge removes all illusions(or delusions) about this story ending up happy or pleasant in any way. Eric Roberts gives an astonishing performance as Paul Snider. He's unbelievably creepy, annoying, scary and above all he's human. Nearly every road the character goes down you understand it and to some degree you sympathize with how lost he is. Mariel Hemingway doesn't get the recognition but she gives a very good performance. Her subtle transformation from wide eyed, naive teenager to tired young adult is great to watch.