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Shaye E (ru) wrote: Having read all of Philip Roths books, I see this as a suitable homage to his misanthropic heroes. Unpleasant people are just more interesting

Brian R (ag) wrote: Great! Great! Great! movie, loved the ending.

Brent C (mx) wrote: Very interesting documentary about ultramarathon swimmer Martin Strel and his swim of the Amazon River. This guy has swam some of the longest rivers around the globe. He's overweight, drinks like a fish, and is a pretty peculiar guy along with being in his fifties when he does this swim. The movie seems so surreal at times you can hardly believe it is real. For all his flaws this guy is pretty amazing and his story is worth watching.

Ted W (ru) wrote: This plays more like a filmed stage play, or else I might have rated it even higher. Unique story, very well played with some weighty concepts bandied about.

Sumit B (it) wrote: Rajnikath can do anything and its fun to watch whatever he does.

Courtney K (jp) wrote: i looked this film up because a shorter version is included in the anthology "Three... Extremes", which i've recently just watched. as i mentioned in my review for "Three... Extremes", the full-length version includes much more backstory and a few scenes that i wished weren't cut out, but the shorter version also included a scene that wasn't apart of the full version -- and that scene was probably the best scene. i wouldn't've liked this story as much if i hadn't seen that ending scene in the shorter version... but the full version goes so much more in depth.... i think if you watch one you need to watch the other. you need to watch both.

Josh F (mx) wrote: The train guy is cool.

Narges M (au) wrote: Ohhh! some decisions are better kept undone! Mix this movie with your own life's problems and get confused as hell. Could get used as a drug!!! Haha!

Evan H (br) wrote: Soooo funny without trying too hard! This is the original and it's actually funnier than The Birdcage since it is done so well!

Stuart R (it) wrote: A bitingly dark look at the decline of modern society, this has some strangely humourous moments and good acting.

Erin D (jp) wrote: this was a very interesting film, not horribly funny, but I enjoyed all the biblical references.

Albertus A (ca) wrote: This film was charming, witty, and funny. Loved the chemistry between Harry and Sally, and the romance is believable. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan did really well in this film, and you can feel this "bond" they have throughout the film. Things got a little bit inconsistent at the end of the film, but you know what? This is still one of my favourite romantic comedy ever.

alex g (ca) wrote: A great action/comedy with ace cast a must see.

Wes S (nl) wrote: Poorly made, disgusting bits, and a uninteresting story. I really have no idea what this has to do with Mother's Day. I can understand the massacre part, but it really is more about a terrible father. The really confusing editing doesn't help either.