Shanta Dhamle lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with her dad, Shamrao, and mom, Ansuya. She incurs their displeasure when she falls in love and gets married to a poor and overly sensitive writer, Gopal, who moves in with them, and continues to suffer verbal abuse at Shamrao's hands. On the occasion of Holi, while his book 'Agla Kadam' is being published and marketed, he puts some color on a pregnant Shanta's expensive Saree, which upsets her, she humiliates him, and he walks out. He starts writing under the pen name of Santosh, and when Shanta finds out, he changes his name to Vivek, and again to Chitrangh, and does not communicate with her. Four years later, a day before Holi, he has accumulated enough wealth, hundreds of expensive and colorful Sarees, a doll for his daughter,

Shanta Dhamle lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with her dad, Shamrao, and mom, Ansuya. She incurs their displeasure when she falls in love and gets married to a poor and overly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (es) wrote: 20th Century Women is het type film dat opgroeien in het leven aantoont niet als een simpele procedure, maar met vragen die je zelf zou moeten beantwoorden. Mike Mills schildert een speciaal portret van zo familie, in een film die vol met bijzondere prestaties zit.

Alex C (ca) wrote: ..............Just NO.

ashli h (it) wrote: I think that this is going to be good

Stan L (gb) wrote: compared to the TV drama "Roman", it s a bit too flat. maybe this is an unfair comparison.

Olaf K (it) wrote: Someone with a bit of film experience will know that the guy that desperately needs his bike in scene one will have his bike stolen in scene two. The guy here is three times more unlucky though. Survival in Bejing is impossible without being mean, that seems to be the message. Very enjoyable. Not as stunning as Xich lo (Tran Anh Hung) though.yclo though

Roger T (ag) wrote: Stumbled on it after the news. Made us very late for dinner!

Brian F (mx) wrote: I Lick Wenworth Miller from Head to Toes & A WHOLE LOT IN THE MIDDLE...Nick-Naming Him "Pretty" is an UNDERSTATEMENT !!!

Aslan T (mx) wrote: The critics bashed this movie for everything that makes it great. It's real.Its acting is unparalleled and it delivers past expectations. This is what critics are afraid of. This works well in film, and does not work any less than I imagine it would on stage. 5/5.

Tommy H (us) wrote: I understand why the film is so controversial, but it didn't shock me. Well, it did, actually. The freak out scenes were well done and provided a clear picture of the characters internal struggles and were good simulations of intoxication. The setting is original, but not the story. A man discontent with his life goes on a crazy trip and gets a fright when he sobers up, and the experience repeats like in any tale of drug addiction. The thing that makes the setting unique is the hospitality of the locals, and how everyone has an easy going attitude and insist on buying you a beer. I was raised in a small town and if you take away the animal cruelty and instead of Donald's house set the movie in the woods around a fire, that sums up my teenage years pretty good. I didn't go insane. I had a good time. The way I see the movie it could take place in any isolated town anywhere in the world. Americans probably won't identify because in an American movie a character like this would end up depressed and alone or in jail or in a gang. The movie makes you feel like there's no escape because people are so friendly towards him and they buy him a beer with good intentions. But you view the film through a filter. The film is shocking because the director chose to make it that way. From the freak out scenes, to the exaggerated acting, from the cycle of gambling and alcohol addiction -- all things added for effect. The man was bored with his life, got a thrill from betting on a coin toss, and the second things didn't go his way he got dramatic and spiraled out of control from there. He was feeling numb and was so desperate to feel something he would risk failure, and the rest of the movie is him dealing with the consequences and using alcohol to freeze time. It's more an insult to tourist than Australians. They talk about the suicide rates, but that's common anywhere you go. It's an important topic in general. Suicide is just another form of violence, and there's a lot of commentary on violence in this movie. Wake In Fright is best watched multiple times because there's many ways to interpret the movie.