Phantasm II

Phantasm II

Mike, after his release from a psychiatric hospital, teams up with his old pal Reggie to hunt down the Tall Man, who is at it again. A mysterious, beautiful girl has also become part of Mike's dreams, and they must find her before the Tall Man does.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   explosion,   fire,  

Mike, now released from a psychiatric hospital, continues his journey to stop the evil Tall Man from his grim work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (ca) wrote: Paranormal activity 2 is ok. Thriller about the sister that has to be kid that the ghost once inside the house. The terrorizing the does to the family. Um ok thrills and this one.

Brad R (ag) wrote: As bad as this looks, I am interested in seeing it. I liked the original trilogy. I however, will not pay to see this. And if they have a blu-ray 4-pack, Id pick it up

Lee M (nl) wrote: Sunny, good-natured yet inescapably middling.

Rebecca B (br) wrote: This looks like a good movie for the kids to relate the story of Jesus.

Kussai N (de) wrote: I decided to watch this to experience how bad it was and holy shit IT WAS BAD.EDIT: Added another half a star just because this isn't the load of crap that is "Alone in the Dark".

Van R (kr) wrote: Actress Alicia Silverstone??s latest starring vehicle ??Excess Baggage?? opens amid a frenzy of activity like an inspired screwball comedy. Midway through the movie director Marco Brambilla and his scribes flagrantly shift gears from a sparkling comedy to a tedious kidnapping drama about an unhappy heiress and a woebegone car thief. Fans of the ??Clueless?? starlet may find ??Excess Baggage?? a puzzling departure for Silverstone who wielded ultimate creative authority over both script and casting. Perhaps she is more to blame for the muddled quality of ??Excess Baggage?? than either Brambilla or the writers. Never as entertaining as ??Clueless?? but better than ??Batman & Robin,?? ??Excess Baggage" arrives as something of a letdown after Silverstone??s long screen absence. Cast as Emily T. Hope, the moody daughter of a man richer than Donald Trump, Silverstone constantly struggles to elicit her icy hearted, corporate father??s affections. Australian actor Jack (????Breaker?? Morant??) Thompson plays the father who has grown weary of his daughter??s outlandish schemes to attract his attention. When he sent her away to a boarding school, Emily torched the place. As ??Excess Baggage?? unfolds, she has convinced not only her father but also the FBI that kidnappers are holding her for a million dollar ransom. Lamely, Emily hopes that her rescue from her bogus kidnappers will rekindle her papa??s love. So she gags, tapes and cuffs herself before she jumps into the trunk (not a stunt you should try) of her BMW. Just as it looks as if everything is going Emily??s way, a car thief spots her Beamer in a parking garage and steals it as she lies helpless in the trunk. No sooner does Vincent (Benicio Del Toro) wheel his latest trophy onto the street than a swarm of police cars descends on him. A tire-screeching chase ensues, and Vincent manages to shake his pursuers. He pulls into a nondescript warehouse that conceals his stolen vehicles. Vincent is an expert car thief who boosts expensive sports cars. When he puts the car on the rack, he notices that it wobbles. Imagine his shock when he finds a babe chick inside bound and gagged. Vincent slams the trunk! Since he cannot think of anything else, he calls his partner-in-crime Greg (Harry Connick, Jr), a car salesman. So far the story has a little in common with the Elizabeth Shue comedy ??Adventures in Babysitting.?? Meanwhile, Emily??s suspicious father calls in his right hand man, Uncle Ray (Christopher Walken) to find his daughter. After Emily breaks out of the car, she calls pop, but hangs up when Vincent returns. Eventually, Vincent decides to leave her on foot far out in the forest. That??s when he discovers her identity and that his car warehouse stands in a pile of smoking ashes. Now, the guys who paid Vincent to steal the cars (Nicholas Turturro & Michael Bowen) want their $200-thousand dollars back. Spotting Emily, they pull guns on Vincent and take Emily hostage with a million dollar ransom demand. It seems that ??Excess Baggage?? is a series of kidnappings and abductions. The inventive but offbeat script hangs together by the most improbable threads. Of course, that??s the nature of Hollywood movies. The more unlikely the circumstances are, the more colossal the dramatic outcome appears. Anyway, whoever thought to demand realism out of an Alicia Silverstone comedy? Suddenly, ??Excess Baggage?? wanders off on other subplots that distract from Vincent and Emily. Not only that but the story slows down and a pall hovers over the characters. Realism tries to intrude on an Alicia Silverstone movie. Oh, no, not another Silverstone turkey like ??The Crush!?? Screwball comedy dictates that Vincent heists the same car that Emily uses to stash her body. A smoldering cigarette that she tosses into a rag bin later engulfs Vincent??s neat hideout in flames. Neither Vincent nor Emily appreciate their predicament. Just when Vincent rids himself of Emily, he needs her and she needs him. Later, when Ray captures Vincent and confiscates his money, Emily comes to his rescue. Less than amused, the gruff Ray explains to Emily that she has committed a serious crime. They need to use Vincent as the fall guy to take her place. ??Clueless?? it ain??t. Director Marco Brambilla, whose only previous directing credit is Sly Stallone??s ??Demolition Man,?? whips these disparate elements together with such verve and style until Emily and Vincent team up. The action stalls out along with the humor and movie goes in search of a genre. Is this still a comedy? Or is it a social problem film? About the same time that the story loses its momentum, we learn what an insensitive brute her father truly is. Jack Thompson??s stuck-up dad feels absolutely no sympathy for his daughter and finds a business appointment infinitely preferable to her attentions. Writer Max D. Adams and comedy veterans Dick Clement and Ian Frenais fumble in their efforts to maintain a consistent feeling and atmosphere in the story. After Emily and Vincent fall for each other, Alicia Silverstone??s character spends several scenes off-camera. We get to follow the misadventures of poor Vincent who gets kidnapped not only by Ray but his criminal cronies. The focus shifts from the burgeoning relationship between Emily and Vincent and settles on the mechanics of a crime thriller. There??s even a shoot-out at the end, and Alicia drives a forklift with the front end of a car on it through a wall. The filmmakers clearly lose interest in their characters when they let the leads take a back seat to the crazy twists and turns of the plot. But the ending isn??t so neat. Emily??s father couldn??t care two bits for his daughter and wings it off to a business conference. If anybody holds this uneven caper together it??s star and producer Alicia Silverstone. Although she is looking a little fleshy around the curves, Silverstone??s china-doll eyes and her crooked smile are all the charisma this movie should have needed. The amazing thing is that Silverstone allows her character to be shuttled off-camera, something that rarely happened in ??Clueless.?? Successful starlets on the rise in Hollywood usually hog the camera lens, but Silverstone doesn??t mind letting her co-stars carry entire scenes without her. As a motherless daughter, Emily enlists our sympathy. She??s a poor misguided girl, but at the same time a rather smart cookie with a black belt in karate. Silverstone brings his gorgeous physical presence to bear in the role without shedding her clothes. In fact, you can count her wardrobe changes on one hand and have leftover fingers. Silverstone??s scenes with co-star Benicio Del Toro are the best thing about ??Excess Baggage.?? The wiry Del Toro creates a character so much Emily??s opposite that you know they will hook up. A gifted actor in his own right, Benicio Del Toro got his start as a Bond villain in 1989??s ??License to Kill?? and played one of Robert De Niro??s victims in ??The Fan.?? Del Toro never gives the same performance twice. He speaks with a raspy voice here and varies the pulse of his performance from his co-star. The comedy and chemistry that develop between them is so dry that it radiates humor. In one scene, while she yammers away at him, he observes that he once stole a car with a puppy in the back seat that made less noise. Christopher Walken is cast as Emily??s lethal Uncle Ray. Walken??s performance brims with uncertainty. Like he needed the director to remind him how villainous he was allowed to be. For a while, the writers act like they aren??t sure whose side Ray in on in the story. If you like Alicia Silverstone, you??ll probably buy ??Excess Baggage?? not matter how flakey its premise, execution, and outcome is.

Brad W (au) wrote: It's no Back to School, but there are a few good laughs in this one. Love Rodney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tighe G (ru) wrote: Funny, but forgettable.

Faley A (gb) wrote: this is no ordinary movie, if u wanna see something very very special...go for it. A very unusual movie with probably non professional actors with some hilarious acting and humor..... terrific job on the life of Gypsies. must see movie.Great comedy/drama.IMDB rating :8.1My rating :9/10

Ollie W (kr) wrote: A beautiful, sumptuously shot exploration of sexuality and liberation that marks the beginning of one of Cinemas most celebrated auteurs and the first of many stunning masterpieces that would litter his exceptional directing career. Using a relatively unknown and yet utterly convincing cast of street actors, Van Sant weaves a gentle tale of infatuation and flirtation that draws thematic similarities to My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboys and yet ultimately feels more honest and intimate than either of those or indeed any of his subsequent films.

Huba L (br) wrote: Once I was watching it in 1985 ... 20 years ago and it's still the amazing cinema!

David G (fr) wrote: Is everything in this movie about rape?! Stupid!

Joseph L (nl) wrote: Great, a very different kind of film. I liked how lame the main character was.

(us) wrote: I think this is the best film of Ysujiro Ozu.Ozu's simple camerawork and Kazuo Miyagawa(director of photography "Ugetsu" and "Rashomon")'s choosing color had been showed us beyond the movies.

Andrew I (es) wrote: Like many Italian films of this era, they're more a 'slice of life' than a story per se, but this was an agreeable watch all the same. The few special effects sequences were really gripping (and probably extremely dangerous for the actors!) Violent Summer is alright, but it won't stick in the memory very long. 7.25/10

Phil H (us) wrote: The fictional tale of the Danish poet and fairytale storyteller who's work has gone on to inspire virtually anything and everything for children...and Disney's cash cow. Its not a biographical film of course (the film even says that), its basically a fairytale of sorts that kinda focuses on Andersen's life at a certain point. At this time he creates 'The Little Mermaid' out of love for a married woman. In the traditional Hollywood style of the 50's and previous years the film is heavily narrated through song and dance and has clearly taken pointers from other classics.The film is essentially a romantic tale with morals about Andersen going off to the big city of Copenhagen to try and start a new business there. Whilst there he falls for a married ballerina at the theatre whose husband treats her roughly. Andersen writes her a love letter in the form of 'The Little Mermaid' and dreams about rescuing her from her harsh husband. As we discover unfortunately for Hans he has misunderstood their relationship and returns to Odense.The plot is much deeper than that though as the tale of the little mermaid, I believe, is suppose to mirror Andersen's heartbreaking situation. He is smitten with the beautiful French ballerina who appears to be living a life of angst married to the theatres dance choreographer. The mermaid is smitten with a Prince who ends up on the ocean floor when his ship sinks. The mermaid saves his life and falls in love at the same time, but like Andersen and his ballerina, they are both from different worlds. Andersen a poor cobbler, the ballerina a wealthy famous dancer, the Prince a Prince and the mermaid is a sea creature. So the mermaid seeks help from the sea witch who transforms the mermaid into a human so she can go and find the Prince. Andersen dreams of rescuing the ballerina and them both getting married living happily ever after. Alas when the mermaid finds the Prince he has affections for another and the mermaid must return to the sea heartbroken (I think she actually dies in the original story). The same for Andersen who eventually manages to speak of his affections to the ballerina but she too (much to our and Andersen's surprise) actually loves her harsh husband. So Hans must return to Odense for of sorrow but luckily there is a much happier ending of course.This was one of the first classical films my parents showed me and my brother when we were very young along with other golden Hollywood movies. I won't beat around the bush though, this film will probably sicken most kids these days as its extremely soft centred and full of wonderful musical moments. What's more I'm pretty sure most modern folk these days will think this film dances gingerly around pedophilia the way Andersen is portrayed as a child obsessed loner. Anyway despite how excellent this film is I too cannot deny that some of it is really really sickly...almost vomit inducing, the 'Ugly Duckling' song for example.The music isn't as sublime as other big Hollywood pictures of the time no doubt, but there are plenty of very catchy little tunes that you'll find yourself humming to once the credits have rolled. As said some will turn your stomach with the whimsical levels going through the roof, yet others are a joy to behold. Personally I always loved the sequence with 'Wonderful Copenhagen' (try making a song with that city name in it!), 'The King's New Clothes' is a fun little number with the kids at the start and who can forget 'Thumbelina'. As I'm sure you have noticed these songs, and others, are famous works of the real Andersen which have become films in their own rights. Most of these musical numbers are squarely aimed at the kids, fun bouncy and the kids can join in, but the adults do get some serious dance sequences too. Very much in the same style as some Gene Kelly dance sequences if you ask me, visually at least. These are mainly dream sequences dreamt up by Hans so they are much darker in tone at times with Hans fighting the ballerinas husband Niels. A stark contrast to everything else in the film but much more enjoyable now for me as an adult.The entire film looks like an explosion from an old fashioned candy store followed by an explosion from an old fashioned toy store. Everything is bright colourful and bold, it almost looks like a comicbook. Like many films of the era most every scene is obviously a set with forced perspective and matte paintings/backdrops but it all looks so vibrant and alive, it all looks good enough to eat. I'm not really sure if there is any kind of historical accuracy in the film with things like buildings and costumes, I kinda doubt it because all the costumes are so deliciously loud and zany but at the same time they do seem to have a genuinely realistic dated appearance. All this and I haven't even mentioned the actual ballerina sequences in the film with the real ballerina/dancer Zizi Jeanmaire playing Hans crush. If you didn't think you'd ever be interested in ballet then prepare for a shock...because these sequences will grab your attention as you watch Zizi glide around like a beautiful she could act and she's cute as a button!I love Danny Kaye in the film because he really does come across as a nice guy and he really looks Danish in his outfit. He's a different kind of performer to Gene Kelly of course but he has a pleasant aura about him so what he lacks in dance moves he makes up for with vocals and looks. Other than Kaye and Zizi everyone else is kinda meh methinks, they all look good in their roles don't get me wrong but no one really blows you away.I have always found this film hard to fully enjoy truth be told, one the one hand its a film for children and those parts are very sappy. On the other hand there are parts for adults which are obviously now much more to my taste as the kiddie parts fall away. So in affect you enjoy the film when you're young for some of the picture, and when you're an adult you enjoy the other sections of the film, unfortunately its hard to enjoy both. In fact there are some scenes I just wanted to spin through on fast forward. I think these days I'm more impressed with the actual dancing than anything else, the songs are cute, the casting is fair but its the dancing that really held me. The ballerina sequences are virtually inch-perfect in my book.I can't be too harsh here because with a doubt this is a fantastic little fable, fairytale or folk tale...however you wanna look at it. To me it feels similar to 'The Wizard of Oz' in terms of visuals and being aimed at kids, yet its surprising how dark the film does delve at times. Yes the film is utterly outdated and the morals are presented in an extremely quaint and mushy way, but they do still resonate to this day to a least maybe for children. Overall the plot is a bit jumbled with bits for kids and bits for adults all centred around a tale of unattainable love basically...which is hardly what kids wanna see. None the less you simply can't help but be entertained by this sprightly multicoloured world with Kaye and his musical melodious lessons in life.

Jacob H (mx) wrote: This film is amazing and it,s got good GGI

Philip H (us) wrote: Bloody hell, this was a tough watch! Probably best avoided if you're thinking about having kids soon!

WakeWRC89 (ag) wrote: Loved the first one back in 2008. This was just an average sequel worth a watch tho especially if you watched the first one and enjoyed it.