Phantom Boy

Phantom Boy

An 11-year-old boy becomes an unlikely superhero when he discovers that he has the ability to leave his body and fly through walls.

The film follows an extraordinary boy who has special talent after an illness can leave the confines of his body. He meets Alex, a New York City cop in hospital and then they team up to save their city from destruction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo K (es) wrote: This movie is simply a list of things that are awesome and fucked up with the internet, as well as technology. Sometimes it builds on itself, other times, it takes a tangential step into some other direction, but the general theme is there.

Jake A (au) wrote: The performances are solid and there are some individual scenes that work for me but on the whole it just doesn't. I know pretty much none of the characters are supposed to be likable but combined with a jumbled narrative and an unsatisfying ending it just leaves me feeling as hollow as the people it portrays.

Mike P (nl) wrote: If you think you are gonna watch slapstick comedy, think again. It's a black comedy. If you look at it that way, it's actually pretty good.

Toby E (ru) wrote: Excellent portrayal of the individual struggles of one of the most prominent men in 20th Century history.

Nick D (es) wrote: love the light and wacky quality overlaying the ferocious filmmaking.

Euan M (jp) wrote: eh yeh so.... watch this. its not thaat bad.

Scott C (us) wrote: Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close were so good in this.

Thomas W (mx) wrote: Hoping that his Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka might one day be another international motion picture hub, director Chandran Rutnam wanted to bring prestige to his pic by casting Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley as the film's central character -- a disillusioned "common man" who has become a terrorist in defiance of what his world is turning into. Kingsley's character plants five bombs throughout the streets of Colombo and alerts the authorities of the possible high-casualty disaster. Kingsley will call off his attack IF the Chief of Police (Ben Cross - Chariots of Fire) and the Sri Lankan government release four notorious criminals/terrorists and let them fly away to safety at a secret location. In order to ensure the police play the hand they are dealt, a novice reporter is tasked with reporting live to the residents of the city whenever the "common man" decides to let them in on some information. The reporter and the bomb squads trek all over the city as tension is supposed to build. While A Common Man has an interesting premise -- it was adapted from a Bollywood film called A Wednesday -- it is nearly impossible to enjoy unless the audience gets a glimpse of either Kingsley or Cross as the rest of the "acting" -- yes, I am putting it in quotation marks! -- is atrocious! There are no words to describe the lack of talent onscreen in A Common Man. While I do not recommend seeing the film for its story, I might have to tell people to try to make it through some of the movie to witness some of its sheer awfulness. It is too bad the actors weren't at least "common".

Riccardo R (br) wrote: Mi mancava da vedere questo film di Emmerich ed stato assolutamente una sorpresa.Buono il ritmo, molto divertenti gli immancabili siparietti comici e assolutamente spassoso questo nuovo accanimento del registra contro la povera Casa Bianca.Non mi sono piaciuti alcuni effetti speciali (molto posticci) ed alcune reazioni dei personaggi che ho trovato troppo inverosimili.