Phantom Lovers

Phantom Lovers

Several ghosts in an ancient palazzo in Rome join together to save their home from destruction. Mastrianni plays several parts and is hilarious. The other actors are great too.

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Elvira L (ru) wrote: A beautiful look at teenage (female) sexuality with a great amount of nordic cool humor.

Philip P (gb) wrote: stopped watching soon as i saw how jacked up they got the marine corps uniforms. Like they couldn't spend 2 seconds to look at pictures of marines and what they look like.

Brody M (nl) wrote: What might've turned out to be a decent movie was a bunch of crap.Cafe seemed to try way to hard to be something different & that's what ruined it for me.I could've done without the virtual reality scenes.I found the stories behind the coffee shop customers to be interesting enough that the fantasy scenes added absolutely nothing to the movie.Bummer

Kameron M (gb) wrote: I loved this movie, the actors, and material covered. The story was very realistic and relatable as well as entertaining. A truly definate "coming of age" film. The language is Spanish and Catalan, but don't let subtitles scare you away cos you'll miss a truly great piece. Definately one of my favorite movies ever, its just very natural and beautiful.

Michael S (au) wrote: Love the three in this one

Alex K (es) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Wesley H (fr) wrote: A very average film, but a decent b-movie.

Deadly V (es) wrote: Not a bad movie but a disappointing one...

helcio h (mx) wrote: Um dos melhores filmes de todos os tempos.

Stanley K (nl) wrote: The rare instance of truth in movie advertising

Ken S (fr) wrote: "Machete" is great fun. If you loved "Grindhouse: I can't imagine why you wouldn't enjoy Machete. It is exploitation fun, with the over the top plot, cast, and action sequences. I was laughing hysterically just reading the cast at the beginning...Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan AND Robert DeNiro? How could the film go wrong?! I enjoyed it for what it is and was meant to be from word one: over the top action schlock.

Brian L (es) wrote: Fantastic! Great new take on an old subject.

Robert H (ag) wrote: The puppets are back in a story that actually adds to the overall storyline created by the Puppet Master series. Unfortunately, while all our old faves are here... they don't do much. Thankfully Charles Band has introduced some new kick ass enemy puppets to fill that void and they do so with a bang!Great addition to the franchise that fans are sure to love.

Scott M (us) wrote: Sure, it's terrible... but dammit, it's trying so HARD.

Sarah P (ca) wrote: One of my fave Amicus films. It has the mighty Cush, Christopher Lee, not to mention Roy Castle and Alan 'Fluff' Freeman who has to battle an evil plant. Classic.