Phantom Rancher

Phantom Rancher

Cowboy puts on a black mask and a black outfit to fight a gang of land-grabbing crooks.

Cowboy puts on a black mask and a black outfit to fight a gang of land-grabbing crooks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Phantom Rancher torrent reviews

Chris D (de) wrote: Uncomfortably senseless.

Jimmy C (us) wrote: Love the voices. Story was meh.

Sean E (mx) wrote: Must see movie. Character development is fantastic, cinematography is great, plot is engaging. My wife, and 13 year old son also loved it and came out feeling "cold" from how well the director led the actors through the scenes. They sold us on the need for the big break they would get, and how their choices led them to take the risks they did. Super engaging and forces you to join them on the journey.

Sandeep N (ca) wrote: Without Robin Williams this movie would have been a slow suicide. It's a semi effective thriller about stalking! You can give it a pass or take pleasure in just watching him.

J K (kr) wrote: Remember when Melanie Griffith had acting ability? Neither do we. Why do Hollywood producers insist on giving married or romantically involved couples their own movies. Didn't ANYONE learn anything from Gigli??????

Ben S (us) wrote: Fun movie! Cuba's facial expressions alone are worth it. If you like this movie go watch Cherokee Kid

Tara C (ca) wrote: Like sitting through all of his movies back-to-back without an ice cream, or a toilet break.

Jonny B (kr) wrote: This is a Wim Wenders documentary so any notions of traditional documentary filmmaking do not exist in this world. Narrated by the eccentric Wim Wenders this film is fascinating. Mr. Wenders uses digital video, 35mm film, a 40's war camera and he has two things going on most of the time - split-focus lenses; televisions running sometimes more than one. It's an experimental art-piece by one of the greatest filmmakers we have and the music is tremendous.

Donna S (ru) wrote: This is the story of the youngest Queen Lady Jane Grey. She was only Queen for 7 days. Somethings are not based on fact. That's Hollywood for you. I saw this movie, because grandmother was a decendent of the Brandons on Lady Jane's mother's side. As I watched I thought about what would be like to be that young and stand up strongly for your beliefs knowing what conquences it may cause. I am proud of her although she had a short reign and life.

Jairo A (us) wrote: Man this movie was hilarious in some parts! This movie was better than Shanghai Noon. The action sequences seem to flow better, the jokes were actually funny, and it was a blast from start to finish. If you haven't seen this one yet, check it out!

Ian G (it) wrote: In what I am sure is another attempt to translate a recent successful doc into a fictional story or in this case an attempted comedy, in this case with Afghan Star, a very down on his luck hustler cum music producer played by Bill Murray gets an idea while at his only clients bar gig that he should go over to Afghanistan on a USO tour with sid client to make a ton of cash. Of course it almost immediately goes wrong when his client, played by Zooey Deshanal, almost immediately turns around upon landing and running away with his passports and all of his cash, leaving him high and dry to make the best of his situation. Which turns out to be finding out about Afghan Idol and finding a daughter of a tribal elder with a remarkable voice but is hidden in the background due to cultural expectations. Far from his best performance, Bill Murray is still the only saving grace from this film despite some other solid actors involved with Kate Hudson and Bruce Willis also starring. A lot of the humour doesn't connect and the situation should seem to be more dire than it comes across. And even the revelation of said contestant that should be the heart warming moment of the film doesn't seem to reach its full potential. All in all, just an extremely failed to connect piece that should have been much more. :(