Phantom Ranger

Phantom Ranger

A Treasury Department engraver is being held captive by a counterfeiting gang that wants him to make counterfeit plates for them. A lawman is sent to rescue him.

A Treasury Department engraver is being held captive by a counterfeiting gang that wants him to make counterfeit plates for them. A lawman is sent to rescue him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (jp) wrote: Found this movie on Starz and glad that I found it. I recorded a future airing. Never heard of this movie and taken in account some of the crap I have seen at the movie theaters I wonder how bad the marketing for this film must have been. Kurt Russell is the most known star in the film, but the casting was very good for this movie. Christine Lahti I hadn't seen in a while and she does well in her role. Film is about choices and regrets and if you had a chance to do it all over again. Very good family movie. In the same mold as Hoosiers and Rudy, but not quite that good. This is a definite don't miss for the whole family.

Raya T (ca) wrote: Subtley elegant, like a hedgehog.

Lauren S (de) wrote: This was actually my least favorite of the films I saw at Telluride. The pacing was horrible I was not a fan of the blatant racism or the attempted rape scene in which the audience members in my theater laughed at.

Mike C (it) wrote: This movie had some promise. Kim Cattrall is a worn-out porn star, struggling to make it in life some 30 years aftera successful porn career. Ingram is a nerdy teen who idolizes who Cattrall used to be, star Monica Velour. Through a chance bit of fate, and some story writing of course, he gets the chance to meet her.I was hoping for something a little darker. The porn industry is notoriously bad on mental health. How would Velour be coping three decades later? Well, she's washed up, divorced, and fighting for custody of her daughter. How does she do it? Some drinking, some drugs, and some unemployment. It could and probably should have been fairly dark at this point. Still, the movie maintained a sense of humor and remained light.Not bad performances. Ingram could be considered a Napoleon Dynamite knockoff, but he's got a little more personality. Cattrall is known for more glamorous roles, so it was nice to see her venture out into low-lifedom. In the end, however, the story just doesn't add up. She is really going to associate with this kid? He is really going to hitch rides all over North America, including Mexico and Cawker City's very own ball of twine? Bullshit. A nice overdose or hanging would have brought this story home. The porn star turned crummy human being walking away with the kid's five grand wasn't quite dark enough.

Gabrielle M (ca) wrote: This movie is incredible with such a talented cast. It's nomination for 13 Japanese Academy Awards was well deserved. Stamp of Judgement: Platinum Goods

Stu N (au) wrote: A bunch of high school friends who share a terrible secret are staying in a remote cabin and somebody from their past is out for revenge--a pretty standard B movie setup. But this Thai version delivers with creepy villains, eerie effects, and multiple gross outs. Weird twists and turns didn??t always make sense, but kept things from being predictable. Dubbing on the English language version was mediocre at best.

Victor M (jp) wrote: "Chaos Theory" o la "Teora del caos", es una pelcula que querrs volver a ver... La actuacin de Ryan Reynolds es impecable, y el guion me pareci original y conmovedor... Despu (C)s de verla te re-plantears las cosas que importan realmente en la vida, a trav (C)s de los ojos de Frank Allen.

Dimity P (fr) wrote: What a great was so cute. Great story that would only work in a setting like that of the movie. It was funny and charming...and the funeral scene brought some eye mist.

angie f (us) wrote: I love old west time movies and I love chick flicks so this was a good one.

Roman T (ca) wrote: Bad main description of the movie to begin with. This movie brings the reality of living in the projects to our homes. Although fiction it characterizes the issues that occur when living in the projects. What stood out to me is how due to fresh being 12 he was very intellectual and he understood what was expected of a twelve year old and how he could use the stereotype of 12 year olds being simple and only worrying about girls and candy. I liked how fresh didn't shed a tear when the girl died or his best friend instead using that pain as a fire to ignite his plan to get him and his sister out being patient even when seeing his sister being provided drugs and used by men, and only allowing himself to be 12 after his plan has unfolded. I also find it interesting how a large amount of the reviewers use film terminology excessively knowing that the majority of readers are not formally educated in film, but if it sounds smart we don't dare disagree for we want to be attached to link of what we perceive as intelligence but in reality is simply a facade to someone with a need to be perceived as intelligent by people they will never meet. Knowing that someone will be impressed gives them a reassurance that all that time in film classes didn't go to waste

Mandy W (gb) wrote: Barry Humphries! So unique! So funny!

Carl M (kr) wrote: A young girl helps to track down a sadistic killer after discovering that she has the ability to communicate with insects in Dario Argento's PHENOMENA. PHENOMENA lacks much of the stylistic flare that can be found in the director's earlier efforts, save for a few beautifully-shot yet brutally violent death sequences. Although it cannot technically be classified as a Giallo, many of the traits do resemble this Italian form of suspense thriller. Jennifer Connelly plays our young heroine in one of her earliest starring roles. She is convincing enough as Jennifer, but not nearly as enthralling as she could have been in the lead. Donald Pleasance also appears in a small but vital role as entomologist John McGregor, who provides several key pieces to the puzzle. PHENOMENA's greatest misstep is in its arbitrary ending, which really has no bearing on the events that preceded and hardly answers any of the motivations behind the first several murders. This detracts from an otherwise engaging and suspenseful murder mystery. PHENOMENA does provide a fair share of revolting gross-outs and shocking deaths, and while it may not be the best representation of Argento's work, it has certainly earned its place as a fan favorite for many Italian film buffs.

francisco s (gb) wrote: Banderas, what were you thinking?

Stef N (de) wrote: This was the worst piece of shit I have ever seen. It was like a Tarrentino flick without the style. I like Salma Hayek alot but it was clear that she took the money and ran as fast as she could. It was so violent and there we no empathy with any of the characters that the suspense the movie tried to engender (when it wasn't very violently and graphically killing people) fall flat because I really didn't care what happened to the characters. It was all cleavage and jiggle and blood. Save your time and sanity. Don't even watch it on netflix.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: Human mountain Clint Walker stars in this interesting character study of an ex-killer turned good, haunted by his past. You can easily draw a lot of story and character parallels with Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, and Walker is excellent in the starring role. There are also some great supporting players, including the always good Vincent Price as a traveling showman. The story structure is interesting, with some major events taking place off screen, and several major time jumps. And it's surprisingly violent. It looks like a western from the late 50s, but it's actually late 60s, and they were testing some new boundaries of violence and general content. A couple of the deaths are downright brutal. A solid film.