Phantom Town

Phantom Town

When a sixteen year-old boy and his two young siblings set off on a quest to find their missing parents, their search leads them to a ghost town in the middle of the desert. They soon ...

When a sixteen year-old boy and his two young siblings set off on a quest to find their missing parents, their search leads them to a ghost town in the middle of the desert. They soon ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (it) wrote: Enjoyable animated family movie, the colorful animation and the overdone funny voice-over does tend to focus on kids, still should be a decent watch for adults too. There are lots of hits and misses, some genuine funny moments mixed with equal amount of forced laughs, the plot and storytelling is the biggest weakness.

Christopher A (au) wrote: The theme here is comedy and obnoxious sarcasm as a defense against malaise and a way of avoiding letting one's real feelings be known. It's an uncomfortable movie because the cause of Swanson's turmoil is unclear. If anything, the film seems like a mean-spirited attempt to show the sickness under the surface in the lives of young ironic/sarcastic hipster types.

Dan E (nl) wrote: Best waste of time ever.

Darren H (nl) wrote: Forget Michael Moore. This documentary cuts straight to the heart and speaks convincingly on the side of people whose government completely failed them.

Stig Ove V (ru) wrote: Hplst plot og elendig slutt!

Jim R (es) wrote: It is so close to being a really good movie. Slow-paced is good when you have a lot to reflect on given the slow pace. This movie suffers a bit from its big "reveal" having nothing to do with the rest of the movie. The script needed some work on interweaving itself with the unspoken back story so that when the reveal comes, it feels relevant. It was a bit all over the place and a bit too cursory wherever it went.

Brian C (de) wrote: Another movie about a comedian barely winning an argument that any idiot could win. However, this comedian makes the scientists and fact finders look bad in the progress.

Kristy P (it) wrote: I remember thinking this was really funny as a kid. But now I'd just say it was okay.

Mitch A (es) wrote: Ebert sucks greensucksbluerules sucks

Grant S (br) wrote: Country England, early 1700s. Squire Allworthy, a wealthy landowner, adopts a baby whose mother is a servant in his house and whose father is unknown. That baby is Tom Jones. Many years later and Tom is now a young, handsome man. He has a lust for life, and for Molly Seagrim, the gamekeeper's daughter. She, however, is now pregnant and the father could be anyone, including Tom. Tom's affections are now directed towards Sophie Western, the daughter of the neighbouring landowner. They fall in love, but her father won't have a bar of the relationship. Tom ends up banished from the estate. He sets off for London. Many adventures and much drama await him.Started well. There was a lightness and exuberance to the film that carried it along and it had the potential to be a great comedic look at the lives of the landed gentry. I kept waiting for it to click into top gear and let the humour flow.Yet it never really came. The set up was often there but the writer and director pulled their punches. From a point it just degenerated into silly farce, Carry On-like.It has its moments but these are few and far between. These moments do serve to remind you how good the movie could have been. They also make the movie quite uneven, as you have these highs, making you think that the film has at last kicked up a notch, only to go back to the mediocrity that came before.Somehow this movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 1964. Must have been a lean year for good movies and, looking at the other contenders, clearly it was.

Cecilia C (us) wrote: Out of all of the Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn comedies, this one might be the least known but happens to be my favorite. Hepburn plays a corporate librarian and Tracy comes into the company with his new ?computer? to try and replace Hepburn and her research staff. Aside from the always-wonderful comic/sexual tension between Tracy and Hepburn, one of the charming things about this film is the way the technology of the day was portrayed, since Tracy?s computer takes up an entire room. Aside from the out-datedness of that, this film stands the test of time because of the two phenomenal actors in the kind of movie they both seem to shine in.

Rafael F (br) wrote: A very brilliant movie. A legendary classic.

Joe K (es) wrote: well African Cats was better. Even One Life was probably better. To narrow it down, there've been quite a few better animal/nature docs in the last couple years but this one was still original enough and good.