An ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:123 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   beer,   boy,  

On his birthday, mechanic George Malley (John Travolta) sees a flash of light and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis. George wishes to help people, but the government wants to take him in for observation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliot W (it) wrote: Just curious ... was this low-budget indie sponsored by Heineken? It's in just about every scene.

Janice F (us) wrote: tremenda porqueria!!!!

Keiko N (it) wrote: Very unpretentious. Bonneville's Jed is so lovable, you really get invested in him, and everyone is so self conscious, the whole film is hilarious.

Derek L (ru) wrote: Brendan Fraser is a gay way.

Mark N (au) wrote: Successfully recapturing much of what made Henry Fool such an experience but without being a retread. Turning the focus on an older and wiser Fay Grim the story once again shows the ripple effects of on people having been touched by the presence of the mercurial Mr Fool. All the principal cast return in supporting roles with a host of new characters fitting perfectly in the Hartley world that so subtly made the original.Fans of Henry Fool will not be disappointed, especially with the revelations that cast light on key, but unexplained, elements of the original.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Nice film-making, but the constant use of voice-over for a feature length movie gives it a heavy feeling.

Matthew W (gb) wrote: Typically I believe that Cage movies should be assessed in their own category, but given the substantial production value of this movie and the plethora of other stars participating, I will relent and consider this a non-Cage movie. That being said, it is awful. Despite having tons of spectacular Cage-isms like satellite phones, his and his brother's completely un-acted Russian ethnicity, a cover job as an art dealer, a scene where he asks an African prostitute if she has AIDS and perhaps the most ridiculous Cage scene of all in which he repaints the name of a ship in something like 23 seconds, this movie is an absolute abortion. I dare say, poorly acted by Cage; Hawke legitimately seems afraid to be in the film and Jared Leto performs a predictably pathetic and hapless brother to Cage. God bless you, Nicolas Coppola, but he did not bless this film.

Sam F (gb) wrote: Almost third best Star Wars movie,

J W (au) wrote: Great dustbowl era movie but with Clint Eastwood singing, not sure what they were thinking casting him as a singer...

Jerry W (de) wrote: [b]Short Eyes[/b] - A "short eyes" in prison parlance is a child molestor and even among the social pariahs, child molestors are persona non grata. One of these short eyes arrives at the New York prison where this allegorical screen-adapted play is set. This film is proud of its stage heritage, as it includes a couple of impromtu songs and a number of speech-like dialogue. Such stage conventions can seem clumsy in a film, but director Robert Young and his collaborative team do a good job to add a level of lyricism to the film. When taking on a subject as grim as this, one can see why. The film's insight is in the microcosm of the larger society that it creates in the prison, where race and sex relations are dominated by power struggles. The ultimate conflict in the film is to what extent the characters are willing to give up their humanity in prison. The movie suggests that this may not be all that much of a conflict given the similarities of prison life to the larger world. [b]Husbands and Wives[/b] - Woody Allen. Need I say more? Woody plays Woody Allen in a story about relationships all brought to life through witty dialogue that is cynical, ironic, and touching; acted by a capable ensemble. The details hardly matter. [b]Caresses[/b] - I'm a sucker for foreign movies. This one's Spanish, I think, and offers vignettes of half a dozen coincidentally related couples whose relationships take all forms (heterosexual, homosexual, father/son, brother/sister, etc). It's not exceptional, but it's always interesting. [b]Maurice[/b] - Wonderful film, this. Director James Ivory adapts this E.M. Forster novel of an early 19th Century man's struggle with his sexual identity. The script lays out the story of a middle class Londoner's (James Wimby) coming of age in Cambridge and falling into love with a upperclass contemporary, played by Hugh Grant. The movie is touching, well written, beautifully shot, and well acted. [b]The Last Picture Show[/b] - One of the best films that I've ever seen. I need to find room for this on my Top Ten list. Peter Bogdanovich's film about the sexual mores in a small Texas town is hauntingly bittersweet. The impressive ensemble cast, including Ellen Burstyn, Cybill Shepard and Jeff Bridges, become their characters. And what characters!!! They inhabit a slow town, where sexual deviance lies barely hidden below the surface. Bogdanovich's main achievement is aesthetic: the black and white enhances the starkness of the dry landscape and the silence (there's no score) only adds to that.

Eric A (kr) wrote: Unsetling, Colossus will leave you questioning the world's reallity. Manages to deliver a powerfull message with good characters, despite being an obviously cheap movie.

Sanjay T (ag) wrote: Violent but great hockey story!

Ahmed M (de) wrote: The story might not be the strongest, and you would understand that just from the starting five minutes of the movie.