Phil the Alien

Phil the Alien

Phil the Alien crashes to Earth and find himself alone in the wilds of northern Canada. In the process of going home he goes from drunk to christian rock singer to mass murder.

An innocent human like alien crashes to Earth and find himself alone in the wilds of northern Canada, and then manipulated by the people he meets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy M (gb) wrote: The scene where they are all singing an Indigo Girls song to their ill mom, is one that will stay with me forever. These are the scenes that get woven into our own narrative. The movie is a little choppy, but it's also very, very tender. Tender stays with me.

David P (us) wrote: Very creative way to retell an American classic

Steven K (ca) wrote: This doc was entertaining in ways it may not have set out to be. Well organized and well researched, it meant to show how disco came to explode as a cultural and commercial force in the late seventies. In that it succeeded, using the belaboured premise of a "conspiracy" including members of 3 key oppressed groups seeking both expression and liberation: blacks, women, and gays. The movie could've been just as good without literally showing the "conspiracy" over and over "conspiring", which was meant to be humorous but only proved an unnecessary (and silly) distraction. The movie made effective use of photographs and clips of the era, but the interviews with actual disco stars seem to have almost backfired on the filmmakers. The sincere journalistic intent of the documentarian was turned on its nose over and over by disco artists whose comments and memories were often more bitter than sweet or verging on mocking toward the idea that the disco era had any politicial "meaning" or importance at all. Some of the artists were basically one hit wonders, for whom the era was described as heady but rough, and others had longer range success, yet still came across as either crusty and defensive about the disco phenomenon or just winking as to its drug and sex excess. The former included Evelyn "Champagne" King, who pretty well summed up the frustration of getting a massive disco hit: "we needed to 'keep going'," i.w. follow up the smash with more hits that weren't necessarily forthcoming; K.C. of K.C. and the Sunshine Band was a poignant figure, noting that it hurt when the "Disco Sucks" movement came around; the Village People came across like a bunch of middle aged guys in a sports bar who poh-poohd the very possibility that those who wrote and produced their music deliberately wrote tongue in cheek lyrics as an earnest expression of gay lib, even as one of their producers insisted that that was exactly the sincere intent of the man who created the act in the first place. (This proved the most hilarious part of the doc, since other than Donna Summer and the Bee Gees, they were one of the most successful acts from the genre). Fittingly, the movie ended with one of the Village People mock-strangling the film-maker and saying "You read too many books, Jamie." This is not surprising for a group that was long ago adopted as a favorite pet by the straight, mostly white, nostalgia cruise-line crowd who could care less about "gay liberation" or the concept of "camp". Who needs to be a "gay icon" when you can be a "cash cow" and the Village geezers' interview illustrated this to humorous effect. (P.S. Was that the Indian? really?)

Matthew M (us) wrote: A ton of fun, Monsters vs. Aliens is both a hilarious parody and homage to the monster movies of old while also giving us a lighthearted and enjoyable tale about acceptance - even if it appeals more to kids then adults.

Sarah K (it) wrote: Good Movie love the dancing.

Robert I (ru) wrote: Well, Siskel loved it and I think that's beautiful.

Brady P (au) wrote: A funny mike Judge classic

EWC o (jp) wrote: Actually has witty humor unlike most comedies

Akash S (kr) wrote: Acclaimed director Tsai Ming-liang's directorial debut is a fascinating and intriguing story about the rebellious nature of youth, and the emptiness and meaninglessness felt by them. It's also the first of many collaborations between the director and actor Lee Kang-sheng.Water, water everywhere. Just with regular places like malls, arcades, hotel rooms and houses, Tsai creates a recognizable urban environment, where the rebellious actions of few individuals form a complete cycle. From the James Dean poster to the mention of reincarnation of a rebellious God, and even the Mandarin and English titles of the film, the movie doesn't shy away from telling what it's about. And in its subtle way, it also tries to explore the reasons behind it. Like the cram school one of the protagonists (Hsiao Kang) is sent to, cities are crammed with people in the same way, but despite that, people feel more disconnected than ever. From the phone dating thing service in the story to our present-day social networking sites, the story tries to emphasize that with urbanization, humans have lost touch with direct interactions and brotherhood.The bleak tone may put some people off, but it actually adds to the tone of the story. Tsai here gives us a slice of these young lives, and asks us to contemplate on 'Why do we do the things we do?' All the actors are cast well, and they do a commendable job.NOTE: It's preferable if one watches Tsai Ming-liang's films in order because the character Hsiao-kang (Lee Kang-sheng) appears in most of his films, this being the first. The order might help in exploring and understanding the character much better.

Arash B (ru) wrote: The movie is just as awful as the poster

Clay B (au) wrote: RAID ON ROMMEL (1971)

Nguyen Thuy H (ru) wrote: "You like Robert Altman but you told people that you like Spike Lee."

Nicholas H (fr) wrote: Basically a totally trash movie. I hate that the critics judged the author based on the movie. Whoever put this movie together decided to disgrace just about every single character in the whole series of books. (Even the most important ones!)Everyone! Disgraced!God I hope they remake this.

georgia j (gb) wrote: very good movie lots of action as well as gun play the way it ended I could see them making a part 2