Phir Kabhi

Phir Kabhi

Hari Singh has been married to Lakshmi for about 40 years, is the father of a male child, who is employed in America, while his wife, Divya, and daughter, Sonia, live with them in a very ...

Hari Singh has been married to Lakshmi for about 40 years, is the father of a male child, who is employed in America, while his wife, Divya, and daughter, Sonia, live with them in a very ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiago C (us) wrote: Filme em preto e branco sobre desertores que ingerem cogumelos e vo em busca de um suposto tesouro.

Priti P (kr) wrote: An ex army official (not exactly your common man), who in the past had been removed from the Indian Army for ignoring his superior's command and undertaking an extra step to save civilians from the terrorists, not to mention, risking his own life a great deal in the process, lives his present by assisting the civilians in myriad ways possible and saving them from all possible modes of harassment. Ask him for any sort of assistance (even taking a kid to the loo) and he is there. Trouble anyone in any manner (even pushing off a street urchin), and he is there. Thank him for his help, and he asks you to help three other people instead, and tell them each to do the same! This is the protagonist of the movie 'Jai Ho' i.e. your very own Salman Khan, aka the 'bhai' of the masses.'Jai Ho' is the official remake of Telugu film 'Stalin' (2006) and it intends to give social service message and impart noble teaching. The philanthropist in Salman Khan completely takes over his character, and when he emotes, the following seem real and genuine - the restlessness and pain towards suffering of others, frustration of not being able to change the system, anger and hatred towards the bad guys, ruthless bashing of the villains etc.Apart from this, any of his other scenes, or even the rest of the movie has no depth, meaning or connectivity! It seems that the presence of the superstar was taken a wee bit too much for granted and as such no real effort was put towards the making of a good movie! Even the fitness of the superstar (supposed to be his primary appeal) was not deemed necessary for all the scenes. Barring a few last minute scenes, Salman Khan appears overweight (read prominent double chin) and tired (read puffy eyes) in most of the movie. Still he manages to look better than the rest of the cast!Casting is purely whimsical or, you can say that going by the pulse of 'Jai Ho', it mostly seems to be an act of good deed by the actor-producer brother duo (Salman and Sohail). They apparently fulfilled their promises made to various individuals and groups, of giving them the opportunity to act or dance in their film! Apart from that, they seem to have pulled in a great chunk of their friends and loyalists to act in the movie. Be prepared to see an army of known as well as long forgotten popular faces (both from Bollywood and TV) to appear one by one in the film. Tabu seems to be the only well thought of case of casting. She well befits the role of a righteous, no nonsense and strong sister. The debutant Daisy Shah has no defining role as such but a couple of dancing songs, and therein she has performed pretty well. The surprise package of the movie is Bruna Abdullah. Till her last scene, you expect her to break into an item number, which never happens!If you belong to that strata of the common man that is heavily weighed down by the system, who wants to rebel and retaliate badly but cannot dare to do so for the fear of being subjected to further atrocities that would be thrown upon by the corrupt authorities to maintain their power and clout, you will enjoy the movie because with every snarl that Salman will roar and with every punch that he will throw, you will feel a step closer to the sense of closure for all your sufferings. Also, if you are a die hard Salman fan, you will enjoy the movie, as he is present in most of the frames. But if you are a serious movie enthusiast, who looks for logic, technique, newness and performance in a movie, be prepared to experience the severe messing up of your sense of movie watching.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Woody Allen rides again, but this is actually one of his better recent films. It's a very bittersweet romantic comedy, which is what Woody is best at, after trying different kinds of comedies in recent times, (screwball, crime comedy and slapstick), but this one has a darkish vein in it's blood, but it has a winning charm. It has young aspiring comedy writer Jerry Falk (Jason Biggs) who falls for the ditzy and ever so slightly eccentric Amanda Chase (Christina Ricci), and Falk even goes as far as dumping his current girlfriend just so he can be with Amanda. But, he gets alot more than he bargained for in this difficult and delicate relationship, he seeks advice from psychotic school teacher David Dobel (Woody), who has been his mentor and advice for many years, but Jerry has bigger aspirations in his life. It is a very funny film, and it does have great performances from it's young leads, (playing the roles that Woody and Diane Keaton would have played about 30 years previous), it has some of Woody's best dialogue, and some amusing cameos from the likes of Danny DeVito as Falk's hyperchondriac manager and Stockard Channing as Amanda's overbearing mother. An underrated film this, it deserved to do better.

Zac M (au) wrote: Nobody does the "schlub in over his head" bit better than Phillip Seymour Hoffman. This is really a chilling portrayal of compulsive behavior, and its power to destroy an otherwise stable and healthy existence. Drags a little in the end, but Hoffman and John Hurt are always compelling to watch. My only real problem with the film is the ridiculous wig they put on Minnie Driver. Aside from that, this is a tremendous study of the compulsive part of the human condition that probably lies somewhere within us all.

Bryan B (jp) wrote: Part poor/modern man's Tennessee Williams drama that's a bit too melodramatic in parts, but otherwise, it's a surprisingly strong, and affecting, film that I enjoyed quite a bit.

Mad M (nl) wrote: Classic. Perfect feel good movie; Astin owns the role.

Private U (ca) wrote: This was the movie that threw AIDS in the face of a generation of young French cinephiles. Though it errs into dodgy fatal disease movie territory (look how wise impending death makes us), Collard and Bohringer exude rare emotional authenticity.

Tishka F (au) wrote: Not Annie Hall, but entertaining nonetheless ...

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Andrew C (ca) wrote: A fascinating piece of Z-grade film history.

Ellen F (au) wrote: About time to download my favorite feel good movie of all time. Watching Amy and her dad fly the birds south is a trip that will lift your spirit.

Claire T (ru) wrote: loved it, it was a good movie it was better than what I expected it to be, it starred Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code) and Sam Neill, it was a good film but I don't want it on DVD

Henrik B (ru) wrote: Bad Milo is a tribute to practical effects. It's a relief to see practial effects in a recent movie! The movie is very funny and entertaining.Watch it if you like:Bad Taste, Evil Dead, Braindead

SwirlyJoe (ru) wrote: This should have won an Oscar for best picture