Phir Tauba Tauba

Phir Tauba Tauba

Three teen boys find themselves in big trouble when the husband of the older woman they've become enamored with is discovered murdered -- and all the evidence the authorities have points in their direction. Filmmaker T.L.V. Prasad's entertaining sequel to his 2004 hit Tauba Tauba stars Rahul Roy, Saadhika, Hitesh Kriplani, Amin Gazi, Sumit Arora and Bobby Darling.

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Rebekah L (ag) wrote: This movie serves no purpose in the grand scheme of things, I couldnt help but feel bored to tears watching it. Hell, didnt even show any boobs

AJ L (mx) wrote: Makes Toby McGuire look gay.

Luciano G (ru) wrote: A nice blend of sci-fi and scepticism..... great fun for the grey matter....

Robert S (de) wrote: Love and judgement. How can we be both so beautiful and horrible?

Jason K (it) wrote: Still holds up and oddly guesses more things correctly then BTTF2. Lets also point out - still the hottest Jolie role/look period.

Terry W (au) wrote: I remember this movie! Very well done. Gregory Hines was awsome

Darla S (it) wrote: He's so sexy in this film!! Watch it anytime it's on!!!

Justin M (fr) wrote: I couldn't give it a full five stars but as a horror it does the job. The plot lines are a bit cheesy but the over the top acting made it a fun film to watch.

Sylvester K (nl) wrote: A Body Snatcher rip off with good intentions, but the campiness cannot redeem the film to make it more enjoyable.

Ben F (ca) wrote: I was immediately sucked into this film, and I really love that feeling. It almost has the appearence of a classic, 70s movie, like it was filmed with vintage cameras, and that only contributes to the asthetic. One of the most surprising finds and a oft-forgotten Bale homerun.

Raji K (nl) wrote: Billy Crystal is Harry who is about to leave Chicago University to head to New York City. Accompanying him on the road trip is Sally (Meg Ryan), and as the two talk on the trip they pretty much cannot stand each other. Various encounters throughout the years lead to an eventual friendship, despite Harry's believe woman and men cannot be true friends. As their relationship buds, they cannot help, but think and wonder if they should be together, particularly other dates, or attempts to set up friends have them pining for each other. After a night of passion things get rocky and they wonder if they will lose it all, and its only then they truly realize they are meant for each other. When Harry met Sally is a realistic portrayal of relationships and breaks the often Hollywood romance mold that love is at first sight. The roller coaster ride that the two go on mirrors what many are sure to have gone through in a relationship. Rob Reiner peppers in actor portrayals of real relationships to give the film a realistic tinge to it. The film does not really make particularly, happy, sad or nor is it really funny, but its impact on romance films for years to come is hard to deny.