After suffering an emotional breakdown in a public place, a young man vows to quit the chaotic city life and never leave his apartment. He quickly discovers that in todays world all his needs can be easily met: sexual satisfaction via the internet, food by telephone delivery and entertainment by television.Four years later, his idyllic existence comes under attack when Daniella, a free spirited girl comes into his life while Grumps, the buildings real estate agent , informs him that the apartment is about to be sold.Both Grumps, an elderly holocaust survivor with a troubled past and Daniella a cheerful young woman with a disastrous love history, are the first people in a long while to care about our hero. Both think the only way out is OUT.However, our hero refuses to leave his kingdom and decides to fight till the bitter end.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Hebrew,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cat,   surprise ending,   sex,  

After suffering an emotional breakdown in a public place, a young man vows never to leave his apartment. He quickly discovers that in today's world all his needs can be easily met: sex via ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivan M (ag) wrote: -Ocassional drag-Average to below average cinematography.-Over stuffed and familiar plot-Useless plot points & characters+Solid performances+Gritty fresh setting+Though familiar and too bloated, the plot remains fairly intersting.Though familiar, the plot remains fairly interesting. Combine that with mostly solid performances and that makes Texas Killing Fields an almost-better-than-average crime flick worth a watch.

Luke K (br) wrote: Reminding us that the horror genre can be much more than jump scares and gore, The Orphanage is an old fashioned yet subversive take on the tired haunted house movie.This Spanish horror is an enriching, engaging experience with breathtaking cinematography, performances, writing and direction, with the beautiful scenery creating an atmospheric backdrop for another simple yet powerful story. The visual realisation of the kids within the orphanage are unforgettably creepy and unnerving, scary you with their subtle and minimal behaviour. The Orphanage also transcends generic expectations in its final act, with a poignant and beautifully tragic spin on the film's ghost tale - making it an expertly crafted and scary horror film with a richness and heart that is rarely seen within the genre.

Travis M (de) wrote: Celtic Pride fails to impress beyond Boston sports fans. I watched this movie for Daniel Stern and I had expected it to be a little better than it turned out to be. The story is unoriginal and predictable which makes it not very entertaining.

Paolo N (ca) wrote: Love it. One of the best Italian movies ever.

Chris M (fr) wrote: i've seen this movie a few times and its always a joy to watch but its not the best movie i've seen.roger moore as always is at his best and david niven is also very good.great story but the script could of been alot better.but to me it will be a classic which everyone i think will enjoy.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: Hollywood indulgence at its worst. Deadening improv of interest to no one save the director and performers themselves, all of whom come off looking like assholes.