Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Paul and Liz are visiting friends in Montreal all the way from a small town in Southern Ontario. When the friends meet up, the fun begins, and so does the horror. The unsuspecting friends ...

Paul and Liz are visiting friends in Montreal all the way from a small town in Southern Ontario. When the friends meet up, the fun begins, and so does the horror. The unsuspecting friends ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (us) wrote: not bad.. shitty ending. Movie had potential

Jerry H (us) wrote: I seek out family-friendly entertainment, and I can usually count on Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs for short) to fulfill that desire. Even if they're not Oscar-quality films, they usually provide ninety minutes of escape from the real world and all its problems. So, naturally, I reserved "Geek Charming" at my local library as soon as I could. I finally finished watching it just a few minutes ago, and what did I think? On the whole, it was great! The story was fun and engaging, most of the characters were likable, it taught a moral lesson, there were some funny moments as well as a tear-inducing scene or was really quite good. Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family") and Matt Prokop ("High School Musical 3: Senior Year") both did very well as the leads, and the rest of the cast was great, too; it was especially nice to see Canadian actress Vanessa Morgan ("Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars") in a somewhat prominent role. Even the offensive content was barely there; about as objectionable as it got was one or two misuses of God's name and some off-the-shoulder and/or slightly low-cut dresses worn by the girls. On the flip side, I do have a few minor complaints: One, the closed captioning could have been done better. Sarah Hyland's character spouts off several French phrases, including some that are well-known by non-Franais speakers, such as "au revoir". It would have been nice if the captioner(s) had actually written out the French words instead of just putting "[SPEAKING IN FRENCH]". Two, the regular usage of ridiculous-sounding "teenage" slang, a la "Lizzie McGuire", was slightly annoying at times. The biggest complaint, though, is that, although this is a step above usual DCOM fare, it still pales in comparison to the few wonderful prior Disney Channel telefilms, such as "Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars," "16 Wishes," and "Lemonade Mouth". It's definitely worth a rental, though; if you've enjoyed prior DCOMs, you should definitely give this one a try.

Dilhara A (kr) wrote: some powerful performances. tragic drama.

darius h (es) wrote: Ill give this movie a 10% for effort, at least they tried! the first 15 minutes was the worse acting ive seen all year the special efx were corny the CG was corny ... after 45 mins i could take no more and choose not to watch anymore... very bad movie!!! i wouldnt recomend this to my worst enemy!

Dave R (it) wrote: Ya wasn't very good movie kind of boring movie sure had lots of action but just couldn't get into it that well

Ben R (it) wrote: Funny, classical, and smart! What's not to love!! Wasn't amazing but had its moments to make it a good comedy. 3 1/2 stars.

Matthew T (mx) wrote: There's some lovely dark moments in this flick - Martin Clunes' long forgotten directorial debut - and Anna Chancellor is particularly foxy as the death-obsessed love interest. But ultimately it's all a bit ponderous and longeury. Good cameo from Griff Rhys Jones as a suburban pervert though.

Thomas M (de) wrote: All live footage, all narrated by the actual teams, with the only outside influences being the sequence of footage chosen and Brian Eno's score. No talking heads, though there is a giant floating one at the center of this movie.

Bruno L (ru) wrote: A Blaxploitation classic. Pam Grier is amazing.

Kenneth L (kr) wrote: The last 3 scenes shifted this in my mind from a 90 to 100 score. Its amazing how apt its lesson is to the Trump reality of today & how utterly vast todays technical capacity is to do harm to our rights & freedoms in comparison to the primayive tools of just 40 years ago.It tells me without a doubt that there willl be far more presidential history in the next 4 years than in all of that last 40. And that almost certainly will not be good.

Margaret K (de) wrote: Disappointing film on many levels. Chris Guthrie's variable Scottish accent, in fact none of the accents are from the North East of Scotland, which is surprising, considering this dialect echoes throughout the book. The storyline is stilted and the direction is amateurish. The scenery did not even look like Aberdeenshire.

Art S (kr) wrote: Affectionately referred to as "Mike's Happy Movie" by his team, it is impossible not to feel overwhelming and terrible cognitive dissonance when watching Michael Moore's 2015 film. Of course, Moore was/is still in the business of trying to get America to lift her game; here, by travelling the world to highlight how other countries do things better (healthcare, education, workers' rights, and so on). The pointed implication (for Obama at the time) was that military spending makes up too much of the budget and the money could be better spent on other priorities (as other countries successfully do). Of course, those other countries are clearly idealized and the whole film/presentation is light-hearted and comic, with Moore playing faux-nave at how everything is different elsewhere. However, now that Trump and his cronies are in charge, the likelihood of any of the changes proposed actually happening seems miniscule and my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went. But, really we do need to resist! If anything, I feel hope that the left has been galvanized by recent events - it just remains to be seen whether the energy that has materialized can be channelled into profitable avenues for real change.

Terry M (ru) wrote: This is actually a pretty good movie. I enjoyed the script and performances.