Physical Evidence

Physical Evidence

A police officer suspended and now accused of murder is forced to join forces with his court-appointed attorney to assemble the pieces of a deadly puzzle to find the missing link before time runs out.

Joe Paris who is relative to a terrible murder is brought to trial. Jenny Hudson is public defender who attempts to prove Joe's innocence because of believing in him. One day, she suspects him so if he lies her he will kill both of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sol C (ca) wrote: Jeanne Tripplehorn and Liev Schreiber's performances are the best reason to watch this film. I felt like I have seen this type of film before It reminded me of movies like Unfaithful and Eyes Wide Shut. They had a good idea for a film but didn't execute it correctly. It needed a rewrite. The tone was off and it was a bit unfocused.Tripplehorn is great here. I am happy to see her in a leading role. It's been awhile since I saw her in a film where she had the lead role. Schreiber does a good job here too.I say, check it out for Tripplehorn and Schrieber.

Joanna M (au) wrote: Well stylized and an intriguing story. Being a fan of the main actors, I may be biased; but all-round it was a good film that kept my attention throughout.

Nicholas C (au) wrote: There aren't many movies that I simply can't get through. This was one of them...

Jeffrey N (jp) wrote: This should be required viewing for every American. Not only does it show the horrible way food is mass produced but also another example of just how broken our governmental system is.

Heather M (jp) wrote: Yuck! I can't believe the director had all these great names and made them all look like crap! Embarrassing for him.

Jim V (us) wrote: Poetic tribute by Tilda to her beloved friend Derek. Sadly missed but never forgotten.

Lucie M (es) wrote: not much of story line..but who needs one, when you have Adam Garcia doin what he does best!...the dance numbers are great!...a movie i can watch over and over

James C (it) wrote: Great performance by Kristin Scott Thomas makes this worth seeing but film could have used more character background to explain motivations and perhaps a stronger ending.

Sausages M (es) wrote: It should be total and utter crap, because well... I mean just look at it. But actually, Elias Koteas saves this film, and Jolie is not as terrible as you'd expect either. Jack Palance has a good, if daft turn as well. No, the weakness here is not where you'd expect it, it's in the plot and the action which slows to a crawl at times, thinking it's "Blade Runner" when it's more like "Barb Wire". Still, it's entertaining enough and even though Billy Drago is shite, he does entertain in a campy sort of way. One to watch either intoxicated or with friends or both.

Colette K (mx) wrote: You will need at least 3 boxes of tissues with this film. I've seen it dozens of times and cried bucketloads every time.

Brooks C (nl) wrote: During the latter years of the Cold War many movies have been made in an attempt to exploit nuclear technology. The nuclear arms race was a very panic-striken time. Everybody feared the destructive capabilities of the weapons being developed by the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. Not only did they fear the potential for WWIII but they also believed that these weapons were enough to effect the world and put it in a nuclear holocaust.Many of these movies do a great job at showing the realities and catastrophic effects of the victims of a nuclear explosion. Some, like 1979's ''The China Syndrome" deliver a critique on the use of nuclear energy but back their proposition up with what is looked at by proponents as faulty logic. When the Wind Blows depicts the effects of a nuclear attack but the movie is more like a poignant animated documentary in terms of narrative.Centering on a retired elderly couple living on a farm in Sussex James and Hilda Bloggs try to prepare for an ensuing attack. James tries to keep track of news reports and radio broadcasts while preparing the house for sanctuary. James and Hilda remain supportive of one another even through rough times but they soon begin to be effected by the amount of fallout.Upon seeing this movie's plot unfold it's nearly impossible not to draw parallels between this movie and Takahata's ''Grave of the Fireflies". Both movies play very similarly in terms of plot but do have their own differences. The major differences don't just revolve around the relationship status of the two characters but how both of the movies are told. ''Grave of the Fireflies" is told more like a tragedy, whereas, When the Wind Blows is told more like a documentary.In the first few minutes of the movie we are treated with fragmented live-action scenes that show the military's departure and transportation of WMDs. We later cut to James reading a newspaper gathering information about what will happen. Most of the movie focuses on James and Hilda on their property before and after the catastrophe. There are also scenes where we delve into the thoughts and desires of both the characters. Since this is an animated movie one would have to expect poignant and over-exagerrated imagery. It is animation and animation is a work of art in itself.The casual dialogue between James and Hilda does provide some dark humor. The humor in this film does tone down the seriousness of the plot but is really used more like a plot device. Instead of using charm and tragedy When the Wind Blows uses its subtle humor to give the viewer a sense of wonder. We do see the causes of what happens but the ending does beg the question: ''Is there still hope left for these two?" The animation is well done. When the Wind Blows is more fragmented when being technically tied together in terms of picture style. Not only does it use live-action footage but it also combines traditional hand drawn animation with stop motion rendered backgrounds and objects. The characters are traditionally hand drawn but the background objects are mostly rendered in live-action format. Formats change when the characters interact with objects from live-action to stop motion. Each transition is very smooth and nothing feels inconsistent.When the Wind Blows is a much more eclectic mature animated film about nuclear warfare. Though similar to ''Grave of the Fireflies" its style does set it apart from that movie. One could think of it as "Grave of the Fireflies" mixed with elements of Bradbury's ''There will Come Soft Rains". This movie is more straightforward and claustrophobic in feeling since it focuses less on the characters' interactions with the affected society and more on them trying to live their lives amidst the disaster. When the Wind Blows may not be as heartfelt as ''Grave of the Fireflies" but its unique style and creative sense of wonder make it an important animated movie that should be checked out.

Naadhira A (ru) wrote: WHERE CAN I FIND YOU ???

Matt G (it) wrote: Tatum is enjoyable, and McConaughey is hilarious. But something about this oddly-paced and ill-toned stripper dramedy is weird. I could almost feel it begging me to like it. Sure, it's better than the pure sexual tantalizer it seemed to be, but only slightly.