Pi li quan

Pi li quan


A small village is taken over by the "nasty" Japanese, who kill the town's top kung fu fighter in order to scare the populace into submission. Escaping the wrath of the Japanese, the son of the master (Chuen Yuen) flees into the hills, where he trains with a group of rebels led by Gam Kei-Chu. Fast-forward ten years, and Chuen returns to the village armed with his father's secret technique of the "Thunderbolt Fist" with the hopes of killing the leader of the Japanese (James Nam Gung-Fan). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deana N (mx) wrote: Boring with bad acting :(

The N (gb) wrote: de las peores pelculas que existen.

Eamonn M (au) wrote: If only film makers could always exploit the fact that they have a decent cast, none of us would ever regret spending a few quid to rent a dvd for the evening. While there were some positives for this film ... the cast, the setting, to name a few, neither of these were used effectively. While i was expecting a comedy, it wasn't really what i got from it. In fact there were very few laughs. Although visually there were a few giggles, there were very few punch-lines and the full hour and twenty-something minutes was spent waiting for the killer line that would have me rolling around the floor in fits of laughter. That didn't materialise. The one of the central aspects of the story was the building of a famine theme park. The idea sounds funny, but again, it wasn't fully exploited. Pity.

Clay B (fr) wrote: THE LOST WORLD (1960)

Cristian T (kr) wrote: An excellent movie, with an amazing performance by Claire Danes, playng the title character: "Temple Grandin". Claire Danes should be awarded with any best actress prize for her incredible work in this picture.

Jimmy C (ca) wrote: Subtle, slow and as much touching as it is moving, the movie is beautiful and offer a lot of great and deep moment. While there's some ambiguity, the characters are so well writtent we just found ourself falling for them as much as they seem falling for each other as the movie play.

Allegra F (de) wrote: Yeah...I found it kind of unmemorable and a time-waster in all honesty. A lot of the acting was horrible, sans Adrien Brody, Ben Foster sometimes, and Fat Tony. It was way too long, and it's story was kind of blah to me, especially Adrien Brody's part of it. Also, the conversations between Ben Foster and his "negro" (I HATE that term) friend were so painstakingly awful and (I'd think) unrealistic that it just got too much to bear. Also, their ending would have been sweet if their parents had actually learned something. The black people were just as racist as the white people, if their parents were any indication. Like, seriously: "Mr. [insert Ben's last name here], you need to leave my house now because you are white and my daughter is black and I hate white people because they hate black people." That was practically what one scene of the movie was saying. It all just felt completely pointless in the end...and I mean, some parts were funny, sure, the parts with Adrien Brody and his Jewish friends, but was this supposed to really be a comedy like my cable said? And why was it so important that they were Jewish? Was it just because there were a lot of Jews living in Baltimore at the time? I didn't think their Jewishness needed to be so showcased, because it ended up not being that important. I mean, it was an element of the story, that's true...but I feel like the tensions between the Jews and the non-Jews added very little to the story. The stronger story as I said before was Ben's. Too bad his interracial friendship never really went too far beyond "Oh, so this is what black people like! You see, I'm not a black person. How interesting. You black people are so different." I find it strange that this movie was lauded so much when I found it to be bland, rather uninteresting, and pretty silent when it comes to espousing a message. What am I missing? EDIT: Oh, and this movie was especially fun to watch on WB at 1 PM. the scene with Orlando Jones and Ben and "Sylvia" in the car was hilarious. "Touch her cookie" was how they edited it. He kept saying "Touch it. Touch her cookie." It killed me.

Thomas K (au) wrote: While it definitely is not John Waters at this best the film is still great fun.

Marvin B (es) wrote: A movie about man's search for a sense of happiness in dancing. Sweet and okay.

Mark B (it) wrote: Nice underrated baseball movie.

Tim P (us) wrote: Hands down the best bad movie ever made!

Becs D (nl) wrote: This could easily be one of Tom Hardy's films that is easily dismissed without watching... pulling off, pretty much a one man show throughout the film, Hardy brings out, yet another side of himself in this "good guy, tries to make things right" role. It needed an Actor of Hardy's abilities to make this work and it truly does. A beautifully real performance.

Daniel R (de) wrote: Enjoyable family-flick