Pi pi pil... pilleri

Pi pi pil... pilleri

A crackpot inventor tests his newest invention, a pill that removes all sexual inhibitions, on unsuspecting guests and staff members at a health spa.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   jealousy,   hotel,  

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Pi pi pil... pilleri torrent reviews

ChrisPC123 (ca) wrote: Looks very funny Goodman and McCartney have bit parts as does epps, jeong and my girl heather Graham.

Greg S (it) wrote: Boring and stupid. You can tell that some of this is intentional, but it's not tongue-in-cheek enough to convince me to be a fan of this piece of shit.

Jared E (de) wrote: Better than the last Pirates of the Carribean. TV movie. Deece. And I am pretty sure Bob Stoops is the 2nd British luitenant. Lol

Andrew S (es) wrote: Just seems like a really daft premise for a movie; snake CGI over done.Although slightly funny in parts.

WakeWRC89 (it) wrote: I grew up in the 90s when Pierce Brosnan was Bond so ime slightly biased hes my second favourite behind Connery. YES there are some utterly ridiculous moments in this film but its just a product of its time from the ealry 00s. Dont take it too seriously. There are alot of good points about this film too. Always fun to watch. References to Briefcase From Russia with Love and Thunderball Jetpack nice little touch there.

p b (ag) wrote: Funny at times, but not much to cheer over. It's watchable and then you forget all about it.

Katie M (ag) wrote: This movie made me cry my eyes out...bleh!

Michael W (ru) wrote: A cop with a short fuse lets personal vendetta get in the way of good old-fashioned police work (described by the judge as excessive force). Griffin is adequate but not the next action superstar as hyped. Helped out by supporting presence of Lance Henrikson and James Earl Jones.

Loreno M (jp) wrote: the must see movie if your a gangster

William W (it) wrote: Their ninth and final film together over a 12-year partnership, 'Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects' basically plays out as a Death Wish installment with Charles Bronson portraying Lieutenant Crowe instead of Paul Kersey, and being focused in anger both over child prostitution and that his own teenage daughter was molested by a Japanese businessman. Many would write this off as simply an exploitation film, but I love the fact that, like 'Gentleman's Agreement', it shows both that different degrees of racism are possible in anyone, but is also stoppable, as in seeing that a Japanese father cares about his daughter just as much as he cares about his own, he changes his own perspective. And the ending, that the criminal gets what's coming to him, is very satisfying, and makes many of Bronson's films such guilty pleasures...

Emily K (br) wrote: Stylish in that it's loud and uses digital camera tricks. Uncomfortable to watch and for good reason. It thinks it's clever but ultimately just escapes into violence rather than risking meaningful conversation.

Ethan P (es) wrote: Shooter is amazingly average, it takes the action movie formula and almost perfects it. Mark Wahlberg is great as the one man army, and although Danny Glover and some other supporting cast members' roles are overdone, Shooter remains a very fun and engaging action movie.