Piacere Michele Imperatore

Piacere Michele Imperatore

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Michele Julia H (us) wrote: Great Woody Allen type love story.

Thalia D (gb) wrote: Meh... I wouldn't describe it as bad, but i wouldn't recommend ti either.

Nick W (mx) wrote: must admit a very strange film.....but laughed out loud for most of it. Dont know if I could recommend it but i wouldnt say no either.....very odd film

Walter M (it) wrote: [font=Century Gothic][color=blue]"James' Journey to Jerusalem" is about a young pilgrim, James, from a small village in Africa on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. On the way, he is detained at the airport in Israel under suspicion of seeking work. He is freed by a corrupt customs official to work in the employ of Shimi. James is surprised to find Israel a secular, materialistic state.[/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=#0000ff][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#0000ff]"James' Journey to Jerusalem" is a thoughtful and occasionally poignant movie. It sidesteps stereotypes to present a story about capitalism and the state of immigration in Israel(also covered in "Alila" and "Yana's Friends" but here racism is added into the mix). I thought it did a better job of showing the adjustments to a new society than "Lost Boys of Sudan" did. It is also helped by strong central performances. [/color][/font]

Britstar D (fr) wrote: Loved it.. good inspirational movie.

Simply Beautiful (de) wrote: The book is aleays better (by Terry McMillan), but the movie works, and stars one of my favorite actresses, Sanaa Lathan!

Blake D (it) wrote: Stupid and not funny at all

claire s (de) wrote: i watched it several time i like the actors in this movie

Garrison R (kr) wrote: Pink Floyd: The Wall is one of my favorite movies for a reason. For one, there's little to no dialogue; the story is told through the music and the creepy, symbolic, thought-provoking imagery. And, to be honest, that's all it really needs because the story it tells is beautiful as well as saddening.

Medeni Y (ru) wrote: very nice final!!! everybody sholud see it just for the final

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Moody and atmospheric tale of a lonely young man (Dennis Hopper) and his growing affection for a pretty woman, a carny no less, with a strange secret. The cinematography, the sets (Santa Monica pier, circa early 1960's), and the supporting cast all lend themselves to what appears to be a memorable and spooky story, but then the ending drops the ball entirely. Which is too bad. The work becomes forgettable immediately ... but the spirit of the thing hangs on a bit. It wanted to be good.