Picardia mexicana 3

Picardia mexicana 3

Raunchy comedy about class distinctions.

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Picardia mexicana 3 torrent reviews

Private U (ag) wrote: Great movie, based on a true story

Chris W (au) wrote: Just to see that one line.

Carolina S (it) wrote: Man that movie was the bomb

Theo S (it) wrote: Great truely Canadian movie! Drinking Tim Hortons stuff and everything! Definately worth watching!

Ryan C (kr) wrote: i enjoy watching it never let me down

Mark B (ru) wrote: dammm everyone is in this andrew divoff(the wishmaster), meg foster(they live)julie newmar(cat woman) issac haynes, george takei playing the town drunk ..the giant from twin peaks .. and loads of "hey its that guy/girl" actors

Shawn W (mx) wrote: Stunning secret agents move to stop hitwomen from killing top scientists. Another Sidaris family offering serving up spies and thighs with even more emphasis on thighs than usual. Luckily, Samantha Phillips is on board to shoulder the burden.

Gavin S (ag) wrote: The racial stereotyping the characters had was really quite accurate. While the acting was decent, Mina, Sarita Choudhury was very average looking. The background Ugandan story was informative, though I think it should have been made the main storyline.

Gabriel C (kr) wrote: Toy Story is one of my favorite Pixar films of all time.

tom s (it) wrote: terrible film. the story/idea in itself isnt a bad idea. but has been executed badly with poor casting and even worse effects/filming/budget.