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A Z (es) wrote: Wysocki rules the world. Good work by Lillard, surprisingly.

Michael M (kr) wrote: Enjoyable Scottish indie movie available on Netflix. Check it out, you will like it.

Kelley L (ag) wrote: I just love this movie. Great music.

Kevin M (gb) wrote: Chilling at some times, but the graphics are not good, and you know the movie will not do that great when the clown is the best actor.

Lisa K (mx) wrote: I thought that this movie was as average as average could be, up until the last 30 mins or so. The score was so awful, I wasn't surprised to learn that it was a made for tv movie. However, I did give it that extra half star for a couple of reasons. 1- Julie Andrews. 2- this movie was made in 1990, when AIDS was really misunderstood. I think it's absolutely a film that would have been invaluable 18 yrs ago. Not a great movie by any means, but does give us a small glimpse into the status of HIV/AIDS, how far we have come, and how much further we still have to go.

Luke W (au) wrote: U2 reached new heights of popularity in 1987, and this film was a product of their success. I really enjoyed the film because it manages to balance the band both on stage in concert and off stage as they learn more about American music. The black and white is a great choice, and when the film colorizes, it adds to the overall experience. Recently I read Roger Ebert complain that the lighting for this film was less than ideal, showing only silhouettes of the band. This is something I disagree with because it forces us to focus on the music rather than the individual. Also, there are plenty of moments throughout the film where each member is clearly seen, so Ebert's complaint doesn't resonate with me so much. This is a film that no self-respecting U2 fan should miss. Great songs and candid moments all add up to a gem of a concert film.

Anthony I (mx) wrote: Chuck Barris, the host of the infamous Gong Show, wrote a book long ago in which he claims that he moonlighted as a CIA assassin overseas. Yeah, I call shenanigans. Knowing who Chuck is through glimpses of Gong Show reruns, and his apparent addiction to women, he seems like a full-blown sociopath. But man, what a story he tells. Hell, I'd make a movie out of it too if given the chance. Charlie Kaufman is the scribe to this interesting film, and we see a bright portion of his mad genius in quite a few sections of the film. The final scenes of the film really highlight his fantastic surrealism. Yet, the potential of his script gets squashed by it's director, George Clooney. The Hollywood golden-boy's first foray into directing a film, and he makes sure to gussy it up with as many celebrities as he can squeeze in, and an EXTREMELY overexposed image quality. This movie is desperate to be Kaufman, but is forced through the Clooney machine. So what we get, is a great idea, watered down. But out of the many problems the film has, the brightest spot of the whole thing, other than it's great script, is Sam Rockwell as Chuck Barris. He gives a nearly flawless portrayal of him. It's scary how uncanny he is to him.

FilmGrinder S (it) wrote: 78%"I'm the boy who cried nazi."-Danny Coogan (Kip Carryon)After Legacy almost killed off the PM franchise, Axis brings it back to good form. The best one since part 3."Hitler nazi, loving scum!"-Danny Coogan

Magi J (fr) wrote: corrr,perry is sooooooo sexyyyyyyy