Sexy hippie chicks Carol and Maureen get more than they bargained for when they hitch a ride with groovy hippie dude Chuck in his nifty mobile bus home. The trio get lost in the Florida Everglades following a fierce rain storm and embark on a startling spiritual journey of self-discovery.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   rape,   murder,  

Sexy hippie chicks Carol and Maureen get more than they bargained for when they hitch a ride with groovy hippie dude Chuck in his nifty mobile bus home. The trio get lost in the Florida ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ B (ag) wrote: 1/13/2017: An ok movie. My least favorite of the series though. Beckinsale was great and the story was decent.

Ele J (ag) wrote: oh my gosh i want to see this soo badly!!

Tim S (mx) wrote: A great movie about one fat man learning to love himself

Mahmoud S (jp) wrote: Brilliantly done, Andrew Garfiled at his best, I really understood and felt the message of the movie. This movie made me more careful when judging other persons, and made apprieciate the right to start over as a person. This is a must see movie.

MARS D (de) wrote: A very unflinching new approach to the horror/"mockumentary" genre chronicling the exploits of a sadistic serial killer.

Ece M (mx) wrote: 5 yildiz verdigim film :) basrol oyuncusu Lior Ashkenazi muthisti.. Lior'un yasli anne babasi, ogullarinin murvetini gormek istemektedirler. Kiz istemeye giderler Tel Aviv'de.. Ve olaylar gelisir (iste bu olaylar gelisir kismi coook guzel :P)

John M (de) wrote: My first Angelopoulos. I watched an imperfect print of this, with constant hiccups in the frame rate throughout, but that did not stop me from appreciating the fantastic camera dynamics. The pacing is overly slow at points, and I do not think that the the poetic dialogue translates perfectly from Greek to English, but it's so pretty to look at, it makes up for it. Worth checking out.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: I can't really give this an honest rating, cause it was to stupid to finish watching. (take my advise and skip this dumb ass movie)

David B (it) wrote: A wonderful comedy/love story... and it has Mr. Brooks in it to boot!

Kathryn J (nl) wrote: One of the greatest kid movies of all times! My sister and I watched this OVER and OVER! Loved the music!

Kevin C (ag) wrote: The Dane does it right

Ulrika S (es) wrote: Aah, den e ju bra juh!!! Spnnande & romantisk. Me like!

Allan C (nl) wrote: Solid film noir from director John Sturges. The film was also co-written by Richard Brooks and short by ace cinematographer John Alton. Another treat is that the film has a young Ricardo Montalban getting to pay a typical leading man role as a detective, as opposed to the "ethnic" role he was usually relegated to playing. Watching Montalban in this film and in "Border Incident" really shows that he had some serious screen charisma and would have been a legendary actor if Hollywood and the general public has been ready for a non-white leading man. But to this film in particular, a woman is murdered in Harvard square and investigator Montalban is on the case. The film makes great use of the Boston setting and I believe is the first film to utilized the city for a Hollywood film. Montalban is tough, smart and great in the lead. A very cool noir that I'd never seen before!

Karen R (kr) wrote: The amazing part of this movie is that it could be true and it really is ripped from current headlines. The press must be protected from revealing sources as much as citizens must be allowed to kep and bear arms. This movie adds theprotective of a mother for anotherwoman's child. It should have been released to theaters but the powers that be probably considered it too controversial. Don't want the general public thinking too much about the bill of rights...

Grant K (br) wrote: Although the screenplay is a rehash of better films, Carnahans deft eye and the fantastic performances make up for it.

Christopher Y (es) wrote: Lots of big names...when they were younger. Story was sad and violent...but still pretty good acting.

Justin S (es) wrote: Not much to it, although it seems very popular. Not a lot of action. I like the main girls speech