The morning of a small town Labor Day picnic, a drifter (Hal Carter) blows into town to visit an old fraternity buddy (Alan Benson) who also happens to be the son of the richest man in town. Hal is an egocentric braggart - all potential and no accomplishment. He meets up with Madge Owens, the town beauty queen and girlfriend of Alan Benson.

Emotions are ignited amongst the complacent townsfolk when a handsome drifter arrives in a small Kansas community on the morning of the Labour Day picnic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob Q (ru) wrote: A wonderful movie about a truly courageous couple breaking down barriers and pulling tradition-bound societies into the modern era. The fact that it is so closely based on true life makes the story all the more compelling and moving.

Emilee J (mx) wrote: This movie is super strange and being a teenager I feel I am way to old for this demographic but the animation was really impressive and the story was oddly charming. I've watched it many times and it never grows old. I remember my jaw dropping while I was watching it for the first time when halfway through I realized it was about a mutant singing flee. It was very weird but I love it. I'd love more movies that were as sound as this one. It isn't hard to be original AND good!

Shawn S (nl) wrote: Was your typical B-Rated Horror Movie Bad acting and lines that arent meant to be funny but are. Actually had a decent story and enjoyable to watch

Mehak Q (gb) wrote: I Love This Movie,I Think Shahid Kapoor Was The Best In The Movie!!!

Kiyo O (gb) wrote: what you've been missing

Cardo D (au) wrote: Qu (C) es esto? Una "pelcula" que no se entiende, desagradable .... inclasificable. Le pongo una estrella porque es con Rocco Siffredi.

Ed K (es) wrote: totally pointless movie

Steve S (ca) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) Not nearly as bad as expected, "The Fluffer" shows some decent promise, especially early on, but it ends up failing to deliver on that promise as it falls into a more routine and bland resolution. A young man moves to Hollywood in hopes of becoming a camera man. He gets a job working on a porn film in order to be near the womn he likes. He ends up with the odd job of being a fluffer Johnny Rebel, a leading porn actor.

Nailasia B (ca) wrote: I love this movie ??????it's all about passion ??????????????????????????and music ??????????????????????????????????and to u people how don't like it suck a but

Adam W (de) wrote: Sometimes films are so bad theyre good, but Basket case is so bad its fucking terrible.The acting is some of the worst Ive ever seen and the effects are all plasticine and red sauce, a proper terrible film.

Matt C (jp) wrote: Utter drivel, Kermode has a lot to answer for singing the praises of this tosh. Annoying space hippy gets all upset because his trees get nuked...give me strength.

C A (us) wrote: good soundtrack good action good fx good actors attractive female cast for genre I am waiting for Werewolves On Wheels ll

Joel A (br) wrote: A powerful more modern adaption of the famous novel about young children stranded on a remote island & how they get by.They begin innocently as one group achieving a lot but slowly pride & rebellion creeps in. In many ways a mirror to society & undeniably has a deeper message.The performances from the lead children are strong & believable & the film's cinematography should be commended as well. It's a brutal & savage story but an impacting one...a must see film.

Savannah M (us) wrote: THIS sounds terrifying

Jey A (ag) wrote: >_______________________>" Let's... not even get into this.