Picture Me

Picture Me

A look at the inner world of modeling.

A look at the inner world of modeling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve D (ag) wrote: Sure, there is something formulaic about young love winning out over ancient animosities, but the film is not suggesting any simplistic solutions to the conflict, and is so sweetly and beautifully done. I like to feel inspired and hopeful now and then...

David S (de) wrote: Good example of a movie that movie critics and buffs sometimes love to death, far beyond what it deserves. It's okay as a documentary, but I really disagree that these are people deserving our sympathy. The honorary mayor is right - these guys really are panhandlers in a costume, and they manage to make some money. Which means they could do something less pathetic, but choose not to. They are terribly, terribly bad at playing the parts they've chosen. But they're surprisingly good at figuring out what traps a few tourists. The director clearly wants us to feel sympathetic, mixing the scenes with inspiring background music...but it all falls flat for me. I think what is particularly unnerving is that these folks unwittingly make a sad mockery of the characters they supposedly revere.

Anna D (br) wrote: This movie is amazing, although it has some really disgusting and strange parts in it.The beginning was long, but if you watch it till the end, you will be surprised!

Kyle F (gb) wrote: Really nifty, better than I thought it would be!

Adam D (es) wrote: This rating is actually for 'Meshes of the afternoon' which borders on the surreal and which is still disturbing in its own way even today, it's the mirror face that does it.

Paul G (es) wrote: For people with vision & intelligence it was one of THE BEST movies of 1984. Just look at how Micheal Pare',Diana Lane & William DeFore have advanced in their careers !

Peter P (it) wrote: Well filmed with lots of good native performances, and some of the British actors were really great, some, not so much, although Michael Caine is great. The battle scenes look good for the most part, although some of the fighters in the background were just going through the motions.

Tonya V (fr) wrote: A touching story about a couple stuggling to have a baby. Cary Grant has some very handsome moments in this movie and I couldn't get over how much Amy Adams looks like Irene Dunne!

Jeff T (ca) wrote: Funniest movie about aliens ever

Al H (fr) wrote: A cinematic masterpiece.

Mon K (fr) wrote: Being a massive fan of the original Carrie movie I was sceptical about this one but surprisingly it wasn't too bad!

Tim R (mx) wrote: Best Transformers movie ever!

Ivan L (ca) wrote: Entertaining, but a little predictable.