Pictures of Superheroes

Pictures of Superheroes

After being dumped and fired on the same day, Marie, a maid, gets a job cleaning up after an overworked businessman and the aggressively messy roommate he’s forgotten about, sending her into a surreal world of candy, insult comics, and pretend marriages.

Marie, after being dumped and fired on the same day, takes a job cleaning up after an overworked businessman and the aggressively messy roommate he's forgotten about. A quirky and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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karl a (ru) wrote: A troubled family befriends a stranger, who later dies at their dinner table. The family as an act of kindness bury him at his request near Black Pond and are labeled as murderers. This film is trying to say something about love and humanity but pushes away its audience with its convoluted script .

Constantine S (ag) wrote: ?????? ??? ? ????????? ????????? ??? Saw, ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????????? ??????? ??? ???? ??? 2013...

Joey S (ru) wrote: A surreal trip into the mind of talented Japanese director Takashi Miike, Gozu is bizarre, creepy, and hard to forget. It begins with Minami, a member of the Yakuza, being forced to take his now crazed and paranoid mentor Ozaki far away to be killed. Following an unusual series of events, the two men end up in a town called Nagoya, after which Ozaki mysteriously vanishes from the car and Minami experiences the horrors and oddities of the hellish Nagoya. All the people in coffee shop repeat the same conversation about the weather over and over again, the old woman who owns the local inn not only demonstrates a seemingly sexual interest in Minami but is also proud to show him that she can lactate at will, and best of all there is a cow-man hybrid that gives Minami pornography in the middle of the night before licking his face repeatedly. This may sound like a series of completely strange but arbitrary events, but there is actually a method to Gozu's madness and beneath the strangeness of the plot lies a great deal of symbolism that forms a completely coherent and surprisingly simple story. Given, it's not likely you will catch much of the symbolism on the first viewing because the bizarreness is so entertaining and oftentimes very funny, but it's still nice to know that the things that happen actually do serve a purpose. This is probably a very poor viewing choice for anyone who has never seen a Takashi Miike movie as I imagine the surreal weirdness of it would probably be too much for those people, but if you have seen other Miike movies and you enjoy his eccentricity and sense of humor then Gozu is a worthwhile movie that will have you laughing and cringing on the edge of your seat, often simultaneously.

Rolland C (ag) wrote: must see Read the book....I have been waiting to watch...You must see this guys

Mark D (ru) wrote: Amusing film about the production of a film. Felt it could have been better. Does have several funny moments though, so worth seeing.

Brendan (de) wrote: This belongs in the collection of anyone who call themselves a cult movie afficionado. One of the finest in Tromas catalogue. God bless Uncle Lloydie!

Thomas M (nl) wrote: More funhouse than haunted house, in a good way with great practical effects. A cheesy cap to 1990, but when you genuinely wish to see a severed human head fly around with grafted bat wings? That's just fun.

Luke A (au) wrote: The growingly popular "Modern Warfare" sub-genre, Good Kill is about drone warfare and how an Air Force pilot is forced to become a drone pilot and struggles during the transition. A film like this poses many questions regarding the morality of drone warfare, the problem is it doesn't fully explore them. Instead we are focussed on Hawke's character and how his work life is affecting his personal life. The film does have an excellent cast, Hawke adds another great performance to his filmography but the real star is Greenwood who plays a colonel (a ridiculously underrated actor), Jones and Kravitz are also good. The visuals of terror is great, with very realistic drone combat that is sure to make some look on with horror. The script is so-so, with some pacing issues but director Andrew Niccol does his best to keep the suspense. Overall, a well acted drone warfare movie which vaguely explores the moral issues that comes with it.

Wesley M (br) wrote: Spaceballs is one of those movies that is totally unnecessary, but it turned out to be a huge success.

Fernando T (it) wrote: Its one of the best films I'd ever seen! Me and my girlfriend just put this on the netflix on a friday night, and well, this is magnificent! Simple, light, funny, but not just it, this film talk about lost and how we should to live with that.