Piece of the Sky

Piece of the Sky


"Piece of the Sky" is a 1959 Italian comedy film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth S (fr) wrote: I thought it was better than the "God's Not Dead" movies and I was right! It was beautiful and has a nice message. One of the better Christian movies I've seen in my life! It was also sad at the end, but Rachel is an inspiring girl!

Eliabeth H (gb) wrote: this is a cute movie

Kurtis A (kr) wrote: Kiek reikia prarasti, kad atrastum, kas yra brangiausia?filmo pagrindas -- plintantis nezinomas virusas, kuris po truputi pasiglemzia musu pojucius: kvapo, skonio, klausos, regos... Istorija tarytum cituoja penkias reakcijas. Filmo kontekste ziurovas zmogus lyb butybe nesugebanti ivertinti to, ka turi. Pradedant mylimais zmonemis (kad ir tais, kurie guli greta) ir baigiant uosles, klausos dovana bei tuo, ko is musu negalima atimti -- samoningumo, proto. Mes tai priimam, kaip duotybe ("visi tai turi") nevertindami to nei isprincipo, nei kontekste, jog vis tik ne visi. Ir kiek mums reikia prarasti, kad ismoktume pamoka bei atrastume tai, kas brangiausia? Niekada ne velu -- zmogui daug nereikia. Jis prisitaikys, ismoks. Svarbiausia yra ismokti ivertinti, kas istiesu yra brangiausia...

Annie C (nl) wrote: Gripping story...an attempt to turn it into a Western towards the end...not sure if i like the religious connotation though

AM Q (br) wrote: Is this a documentary? No? Not interested. ADDENDUM: I just learned that Matthew Gray Gubler was in this. Consider me INTERESTED.

Camilo R (es) wrote: Simple, sad and touching. Beautifully captured cinematographics though not Yimou's best. Nice.

Mark L (fr) wrote: Fascinating. I couldn't quite figure the guy out as I was watching it, and there were some things that made me wonder why he wasted so much time on something which not only would only last for a few minutes, but wasn't very good or interesting...then I sort of got into the flow of the piece, and by the end I was fascinated by his process, even if he did seem like the sort of man who was constantly 10 seconds away from asking you to join his earth-cult.

Private U (ag) wrote: Donnie Wahlberg and Bob Wahlberg... who could ask for more

Junaid A (fr) wrote: It is against my believes

Private U (ag) wrote: PURE...Magnifique....Esthtique...

Sabrina R (mx) wrote: indian movie. very unlike slumdog though, in my opinion.

S Eric D (us) wrote: An American Actor trying to make it in London. Cast in the title role of Elephant! (the Elephant Man the musical.) Jeff Goldbloom, Emma Thompson and Rowan Atkinson. Couldn't Stop Laughing.

Greg J (au) wrote: Just saw this for the first time. Great. Absolutely the inspiration for WKRP, the best sitcom ever. Great music, too.

Jim S (ru) wrote: I rented it from Redbox. I want my $1.31 and 1hour, 41 minutes back.

Anthony B (fr) wrote: My first Rian Johnson film and I love JGL performance.

David M (ca) wrote: The second film in the 'new' Planet of the Apes series, this picks up something like 10 years after 'Rise ... ', when most of mankind has been wiped out (shown in the opening credits sequence) by the ape virus created in that earlier film.As such, the first portion of this film follows Caesar and his new family living in the forest, and is largely dialogue free, with the apes communicating by sign language.That changes, however, when a small enclave of survivors stumble across the Apes, leading to (effectively) a clash of cultures.Overall, I found this to be somewhat slower than the first film; never really capturing my attention as much. That's not to say that it is a bad film, just not as good as the first (then again, sequels rarely are!).

Andy V (nl) wrote: A little slow at first, probably in line with the time it was made. But ultimately it gets to its meat, and it's quite an entertaining escape plan.

Thomas L (fr) wrote: this movie is absolute garbage...

Sapphire G (de) wrote: This was a really nice, feel-good movie, the dancing was great. I'm glad the story didn't take the turn I was fearing. Richard Gere was spectacular in one of his usual lovable characters. Stanley Tucci was hilarious, I just love that guy.