Pierino contro tutti

Pierino contro tutti


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Darryl K (gb) wrote: An entertaining look at the world of beer marketing is an insightful look into the world of modern business and what every product (not just beer) faces in the current economy.

Beat C (ru) wrote: "here and there" has been compared to such jim jarmusch films as "stranger than paradise", and director lungulov does emulate jarmusch's deliberate pace, minimal dialogue and deadpan humor. in fact, belgrade with its tattered charm is the movie's most compelling character. but lungulov's approach is ultimately more conventional than jarmusch's. he's often stuck with corny visual cues: a fresh outlook is symbolized by a clean shave, and a restored sense of humor by a dab of whipped cream on the nose. tame and a tad boring.

Nick P (br) wrote: Would work best as a made for TV halloween special. It was watchable but at very few moments enjoyable. Still a good attempt at a little fun b-horror flick.

Benot R (ag) wrote: Ca y est l'ai enfin vu en entier. Bon, comme convenu c'est d'une lenteur endormir un insomniaque depuis six mois. La femme simule au dbut le plaisir, le tlspectateur ne le fera pas. Comme son personnage, amorphe, le spectateur l'est aussi. Le scnario tiendrait la route sur un court-mtrage, avec cette histoire d'homme la recherche de vengeance mais qui constate que a ne sert rien au final. Pour en faire un long, Ratanaruang tire au possible. Il filme d'incroyables scnes de vie. Kyoji marche dans le couloir. Il allume une lampe. Il l'teint. Il la rallume. De temps en temps, le spectateur est sorti de son apathie par un bruit de dialogues ou par une acclration dans le mouvement de la camra. Olaaaaa pas si vite, on va frler l'infarctus ! Bref, ennui total, profond o les acteurs tentent de sortir leur pingle du jeu, difficilement.

Keanna C (fr) wrote: Meryl is good as always. Bryan is cute as always.Uma is...well Uma. But as for the movie itself...Don't waste your time. Good until the middle where is all just falls apart. Realistic ending that is stupid and anticlimatic. Halfway through it just seemed to drag on.

Jessica T (jp) wrote: Very well-crafted, however over-long Ipod commercial.

TooBeautiful N (nl) wrote: I LOVE IT!!! THIS IS MA MOVIE

Ruth L (de) wrote: Not as good as the other 2

Wiebke K (au) wrote: Morgan Freeman as the bad guy, Betty White, Slater -- and lots and lots of water.

Thomas B (de) wrote: great acting job Armand Assante as Gotti

Abir M (kr) wrote: Good romantic comedy, good performance by Sophie Marceau.

Sami (gb) wrote: Its a good movie. i could say its look like 12 Angry Men.

Courtney K (de) wrote: hmm; definitely interesting - i can see why this was a great film for the time period. it's funny that this movie is all "Orson Welles this" and "Orson Welles that", when his character doesn't even appear until the end and only lasts like 30 minutes of the whole film. but i guess his character is by far the most profound & was probably quite influential. the story this is based on is also interesting - i did some research afterwards. people be crazy.

Jochen W (nl) wrote: In der restaurierten Mnchner Fassung gesehen - leider mit ausfhrlichen franzsischsprachigen und nicht untertitelten Passagen. Dafr reichte mein eingerostetes Franzsisch dann leider doch nicht, sodass eine ganze Menge Plot auf der Strecke blieb. Dieser mag hier nicht von vorderster Bedeutung sein, schade ist es doch und verlangt somit, in Kombiation mit meiner heuschnupfenbefrderten akuten Mdigkeit im Kinosaal, dringend nach einer Zweitsichtung.

Zinc Z (au) wrote: Why do you just go home

Matthew D (ag) wrote: Good but I like the 3D remake better.

Ryan G (ru) wrote: One of the first great psychological war dramas. Which is interesting because I know Hemingway hated it.Had a change of heart. Changed from 2 and a half stars.