Piet Piraat en het vliegende schip

Piet Piraat en het vliegende schip

Piet Piraat discovers that the handsome pirate captain Marylin has been petrified. With his friends he travels to a tropical island to save her.

Piet Piraat discovers that the handsome pirate captain Marylin has been petrified. With his friends he travels to a tropical island to save her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (de) wrote: really lame & a com[lpete waste of time

Carl Adrian P (es) wrote: only for girls i think i didnt appreciated it sorry

Teemu P (mx) wrote: So refreshing to see a good romantic comedy for a change! I can't even remember any romcoms that would be nearly as entertaining as this one. Though it must be partly because of the lovely Mila Kunis (who was just perfect)...

Gaspar O (br) wrote: Wesley Snipes has just solidified his spot on the list of actors who will do anything for a check. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but not because of the acting. No, most of the acting was, at a minimum, adequate. The sets were fine and the costumes were great. As a matter of fact, as far as costumes are concerned, Skullbucket and the guy with tails on his head were awesome! There were even hangings and detached heads and squirting blood, and ya know how much I enjoy a good beheading! Unfortunately, all that aside, the film itself was atrocious. Bad script, bad editing, bad directing, bad story, bad idea. Just plain stupid. Bad, bad, bad.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Monday, May 12, 2014 (1999) Himalaya/ L'Enfance d'un Chef (In Tibet with English subtitles) DOCU DRAMA Upon watching this movie reminded me of another movie which I've debated with to another fellow movie watcher. He didn't like the 1956 movie "Friendly Persuasion" starring Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire and Anthony Perkins, directed by William Wyler. One of the reasons he didn't like it was that the movie failed to convince him that they were an actual Quaker family. And basically, what I've try to explain to him was that as a result of technology and so forth, can sometimes diminish a religion. "Friendly Persuasion" is a film that used to show how the average typical Quaker family used to live- showing also their customs upon going to church every Sunday. Also adding that they also used to speak in a specific way, which they don't do so much anymore. "Friendly Persuasion" reminded me of "Himalaya" because this is another movie that also shows how these Tibetans "used" to live and function, but not so much anymore, since technology has advanced with cars and so forth. If viewers cannot adapt to this way of life which I have no doubt really happened thousands of years ago, then you may not be able to know how to adapt to any type of culture at all except for the Western life of John Wayne and Randolph Scott films. The set up has Karma (Gurgon Kyap) finally coming home to his village which his only job was to guide a small number of yaks and people through the mountain desert terrain carrying salt in exchange for grain, which they operate like a caravan. The chief of this tribe, Tinle(Thilen Lhondup) also had a son who was doing this with Karma, except according to Karma Tinle's son wanted to take an entirely different root which may have cost him his life. Once Karma brings his body back, who's also his best friend, his dad Tinle blames him for it. But because another trip have to be made, Tinle stubbornly decides to guide his own yaks himself even though he's old and frail, instead of going and entrusting the young and physical fit, Karma. Tinle also happens to have another son, except that he's always lived his life as a monk which his dad eventually convinces him out of, just so he can go on his own caravan and show face to Karma. The hostility is evident, and the trip is only rewarding for it's scenery providing if viewers didn't have to walk through it, with the only thing that can help guide them through is their belief to their gods. What the audience can also get from this movie is the custom Tibetans used to do to get the proper provisions they need which for the most part has to do with food and is not very much, considering that it's always available to us hand and foot. The difference here is that here in North America, as well as other First World countries people can have the choice to hike through trails and so forth, but with these guys they don't have any choice at all. There were times throughout the movie, Tinle often says to remind his followers that, 'if we don't continue to walk, then we don't eat', or that 'if we don't keep walking, then all their is to eat is salt'. Back then when there were no trucks, cars, helicopters and so forth- not even a horse, the people of Tibet were still using yaks to bring in their supplies, and in this case they would walk thousands and thousands of miles to exchange or barter huge sacks of salt for wheat. And this is through the empty mountain terrain where a single tree can never be seen for thousands of miles. And to keep them warm, they would use dry moss since they had no firewood. This entire environment is like nothing I'd want to experience myself, and that it's better to see this as a movie than it is to experience it. 3.5 out of 4

Se7enth A (mx) wrote: Rec by doctordoom. Thanks Corey.

Laurie T (nl) wrote: Very touching and well made movie with a magnificant sentimental ending. Wish more movies today were as well written.

Edris F (br) wrote: A well done suspenseful movie with a well done plot

Michael W (gb) wrote: High schooler nearly triggers nuclear war by hacking into gov't defense system. Opened our eyes to the power of the computer with Broderick doctoring his grades. Adapted to video game by ColecoVision--similar to Atari's Missile Command.