Piglet's Big Movie

Piglet's Big Movie

When the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood begin a honey harvest, young Piglet is excluded and told that he is too small to help. Feeling inferior, Piglet disappears and his pals Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, Roo and Winnie the Pooh must use Piglet's scrapbook as a map to find him. In the process they discover that this very small animal has been a big hero in a lot of ways.

When Piglet comes up missing his Hundred Acre Wood friends use Piglet's own Book of Memories to find him, discovering along the way just how big a role he's played in their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey F (it) wrote: A great show of the classic humor of Stuart Ashen.

Greg S (gb) wrote: Dry presentation, but the ideas are of immense importance. Everyone should see this and open their eyes and their minds.

Geoff J (fr) wrote: A zombie movie set in the civil war should be good fun...and it is for the first 30 minutes, then not so much

Christie H (au) wrote: Love Paul walker....lots of action...crazy stunts......recommend

Buddy A (mx) wrote: I guess I'll watch it.

Connor M (es) wrote: Great, great documentary. One of the few political documentaries that actually fairly portrays both sides. More people need to see this movie!

Matthew M (it) wrote: Watching this in Art, very boring, and bad effects on top of that. Not very good acting. I know this is a TV film, but that doesnt give it an excuse to be this bad.

Tom G (it) wrote: Two hours of the exact same feeling you get when someone tells you at great length about a dream they had, which is one of the most acute types of frustration available to anyone in the modern world.

Helen V (br) wrote: Great to watch as a sequel to Wish You were here, portraying the young Cynthia Payne. In this Julie Walters does a cracking job as Cynthia the famous London Madam entertaining her colourfull clients. Love the ending

Joe C (kr) wrote: An absurd premise for a romance movie is pulled off with more sincerity than it has any right to. A farmer under the spell of a visiting city beauty is convinced to kill his wife. Lovely. Like Fritz Lang after him F.W Murnau brought the visual brilliance of German Expressionist cinema to our side of the Atlantic, but unlike Lang there are no lessons or epiphanies to be gleaned from watching Sunrise. In a ballsy move, script disposes the crux of the plot within the first 20 minutes (no, he doesn't kill her) and dedicates the rest of the film to the incredibly beguiling tale of the couples' falling back in love, while in the backdrop of staggeringly pretty imagery. And the result is so heartwarming and such a joy to watch, you won't care a damn that the narrative is virtually non-existent. Murnau brings Sunrise to a dreamlike intensity that dares you not to grin like an idiot throughout the whole experience. Title cards need not apply

Filippo T (mx) wrote: best Burton's movie. pure, perfect, flawless victory...fatality

Celyn R (us) wrote: it's cute,but parental guidance..hahahaha!!!

Michael A (mx) wrote: This movie is my all-time favorite horror movie. It makes fun of the genre while still giving us a great horror movie.

Abigail H (br) wrote: what a piece of crap