The film tells the story of a young man who dreams of securing high jobs by completing his doctorate, but is forced to spend his days in a pig farm.

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Pigman torrent reviews

LaToya S (kr) wrote: I felt so disgusted and found it funny at the same time while watching. I literally kicked myself by the time it was halfway over, thinking to myself, "I can't believe you are still watching this animated porn." Even though it made me feel like a real prude. Overall it was a good movie and I'm glad I waited to watch it at home, I would have been so embarrassed watching this in public.

Prudhvi K (jp) wrote: its realy amazing & marvelous

christopher t (au) wrote: it was ok not the best one in the series

Matthew L (es) wrote: When even Wesley Snipes wont appear in the second sequel of a Direct to DVD franchise you know your onto a looser, especially when a film includes some dubious racial stereotyping. A generic action flick from the dialogue to the action scenes. This makes great background noise.

Nathan A (de) wrote: Wobbles between different genres and a pretty cliched last 20 minutes.

Ibrahim A (au) wrote: An entertaining romantic comedy or black comedy about people who aren't real and far from reality that's why you might find it difficult to sympathize with them, but definitely worth watching .

Hatsuhito S (ca) wrote: ~"???? (R)??-? 1/4,' 1/4??,


TheScarlatescu R (jp) wrote: a little too much story telling

Adam D (br) wrote: one of my favorite movies from the 90's. A little predictable, but still a good touching movie.

WA B (de) wrote: One of the worst and dumbest Godzilla films ever made this films story was stupid along with the acting all the sudden there a stupid moth floating around! with these strange little people what is this a joke thats what it seemed to me one big giant floating joke!

I dont know w (ag) wrote: Probably not as bad as they say, but still looks bad.

Ryan G (nl) wrote: Enjoyable parts, but overall material feels stretched.

Ben G (ag) wrote: Typical fun Jim Carrey movie.

Ally L (ag) wrote: I can finally scratch another "I've been meaning to see this for years" movie off my list. Well worth the wait.

Eric B (nl) wrote: "Big Deal on Madonna Street" is a light comedy about an elaborate but shaky scheme to rob a pawnshop safe. The plan is flawed from the start because the safe's contents aren't even known. None of these small-time crooks (including Marcello Mastrioanni) are as sharp as they ought to be, and blossoming romances threaten to distract two of them (when the spectacular Claudia Cardinale is involved, that's inevitable).The film starts slow and its first half could be trimmed -- a long sequence about finding a stooge to serve a jail sentence really doesn't add much to the central story.

Robert H (ca) wrote: Hitchcock is one of those directors that every film buff is aware of, but few will admit to having seen none of his films. Prior to this, I'd only seen THE BIRDS and PSYCHO (in that order), but that was a long time ago so I consider this to be my (re)introduction to him. Other than a lot of suspense, I wasn't really sure what to expect from SABOTEUR. It turned out to be quite good for an early Hitchcock film, although it betrays the time in which it was made a little too much. The story is about Barry Kane (Robert Cummings), who works at an airplane factory. One day a catastrophic fire kills one of his friends and he's pinned as the one responsible. This sets him on a journey to prove his innocence and find out just what is going on. Generally speaking, there wasn't a dull moment in this, although I do think it began to lose some narrative steam in the final half-hour as they struggle to find a way to keep the action going after the villain's endgame is (sort of) revealed. I do think it was well-acted and had interesting characters, although nearly everyone upstages Barry's "Average Joe." My two favorite characters are Philip Martin, the blind man he meets, and Tobin, someone who turns out to be very important. These two characters also happen to have a couple scenes which very eruditely give the thematic concerns we're supposed to take away from the film. Given that this produced during American involvement in WWII, anybody who didn't support the war effort would naturally have been looked on with suspicion. This is why the villains are saboteurs who aim to damage the US war effort. However, the blind man (in what might have been a compromise with the studio?) is made to say that even in times of war, our democratic principles still hold and a person is innocent until proved guilty. Without that counterpoint, I feel that the film would have verged on being jingoistic and meaninglessly patriotic. While I'm not too much enamored of the way the film reduces wartime politics to an "us vs them" binary, Hitchcock did make a solidly thrilling picture that is still quite relevant today.

Carlos I (br) wrote: Pretty cool concept. The style, the idea, everything is cool. Adam Green trying to find Meridian. lol. it was just a little to dragged out a little to much...

Timothy H (jp) wrote: the concept is pretty dull ( at least from the general perspective) a movie that has to do with global warming is used so much over the years this however not only did it first but did it very good.

AnnMarie H (mx) wrote: This movie was a thriller that was very interesting as it relates to the real life of a drug lord.