A college ladies man accepts a challenge from his dorm buddies - sleep with the entire alphabet, A through Z, before graduation. The rules are simple: the rarer the first letter of the girl's last name, the higher the payout. All goes well until he falls for the "X". Now he's torn between his feelings for the girl and winning the bet for his friends.

A college Casanova tries to flirt girls by writing romance letters before graduation day is coming. Everything becomes chaos when he has sex with the girl whom he always dream of. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (kr) wrote: Pitch Perfect has a formulaic storyline and, while never quite as funny as it should be, still manages to remain an entertaining diversion thanks in large part to the performances of its talented cast especially since this movie officially confirms that Anna Kendrick is now a big star having achieved leading woman status in this movie as well as some excellent a capella covers of songs from this century and the one that preceded it. An aca-damn aca-enjoyable movie.

David S (au) wrote: Your typical JCVD action movie straight to dvd. Acting is poor as expected but there's a whole lot worse you could watch.

Richard D (it) wrote: An extremely low budget film about a religious weirdo kidnapping and torturing a young school girl does not sound very promising. Despite these quite reasonable expectations, "9 Days" is pretty good. One of the chief reasons for this is former Harvard Lampoon president Schleicher's performance as Virgil. His eccentric performance, some truly odd music choices and a tone closer to "Twin Peaks" than "Hostel" result in what feels more like a deadpan comedy than a violent horror film. These are all good choices. This is a refreshingly odd, low budget gem.

Matthew P (kr) wrote: "Harmless" is a word often used by film critics to describe a movie that is definitely not great, but it's not bad enough to be a complete waste of time. If you need to kill a couple of hours, a "harmless" film will do the job just fine, if you have nothing else to watch, of course. Firewall is one such harmless film. You've seen pretty much everything in this film before, and it's not really any good, but it's not terrible enough to be placed in many "worst of" lists. Firewall stars Harrison Ford as Jack Stanfield, the head of security at some big Seattle bank. He's married to Beth (Virginia Madsen), and together the couple has two children, Sarah (Carly Schroeder) and Andy (Jimmy Bennett). The reason to mention his family is that, soon enough, they're going to be put into danger. One day, "pizza night," burglars break into Jack's house, capture his family, and start making demands. Jack needs to figure out a way to steal from the bank for whom he works, and if he fully cooperates, he and his family will be let go without any harm done. Does full cooperation ever happen in this type of film? I can't think of one where the hero goes "Yeah, okay," and then he and the villain are friends until the end. He's always looking for a way out, for a small slip -- something to gain an advantage and free his family. Of course, these attempts rarely work out. We need our big, risky heist at the end. That's always how these work, and it's one of the only things we can be sure of in this type of thriller. It's asking too much for Firewall to work against convention. The bad guy is played by Paul Bettany, because putting someone with an English accent against our all-American family means that we will never have trouble telling good guy from villain, I guess. IT doesn't really matter, as Bettany's character leaves most of the dirty work to his lackeys, most of whom don't actually seem to care that much about this heist. That could have actually factored in at some point, but it never does because that might be interesting. We go through the exact plot points that you'd expect from a movie like this one. Multiple failed escape or reasoning attempts all lead up to the heist at the end. There are a couple of twists, none of which will surprise anyone who has seen a movie in their lifetime, and everything is wrapped up way too quickly. Actually, at about the 80 minute mark I would have sworn we were right about at Firewall's climax, but then it goes on for another twenty minutes. Despite this, it still concludes too fast. It tacks on an additional location and winds up dragging itself out for too long to make this decision worthwhile. Does the film hold up after closer inspection? Probably not, but this isn't the type of film that inspires in-depth discussion. I don't know if an .mp3 file is equal to the same amount of data that a bank number and password has, or if an iPod could take that data off a computer as easily as it does in the film, but that's kind of the fun, isn't it? You see some creative ways to get the problem solved, even if they wouldn't work in real life. Thrillers don't need to be based around fact to be effective. What they do need to be is, well, thrilling. When you can stay ahead of the plot for the majority of the time the movie is playing, it's hard for that to happen. Not impossible -- some better thrillers are predictable but are able to overcome that because of strong characters, actors, or direction -- but very tough. Firewall has little to keep you interested, assuming you've seen this story told before. It will still pass the time, but it's really not worth it if you have other options. Did I enjoy Firewall a little bit? Sure. Does that mean you should watch it? No. There are some films that I'll generally like, at least somewhat, regardless of quality or purpose. There's no real reason to watch Firewall when other movies do the same thing and better, but to pass the time late at night when you can't sleep, it works effectively at keeping you awake. And at the beginning, it's kind of funny, too. I wish that sense of humor was kept throughout. Harrison Ford is and probably always will be fun to watch. I don't know if I buy him, at 63 years of age, in this kind of role -- it gets rather physical later on and you don't really see Ford doing much of that -- but because it's Harrison Ford, you can't complain too much. His character's family members get nothing to do, and Paul Bettany is a very uninteresting villain. Alan Arkin and Robert Patrick have small roles, with the latter's almost managing to matter before the film forgets about him and drops that idea. Does Firewall work? Not exactly well enough to recommend, but enough that it won't exactly be unpleasant to watch if it comes on the television late at night and you have nothing better to do or can't find the remote. It's a generic thriller with a predictable plot and only one actor and character that genuinely matters. It has a few suspenseful moments, and it has a charm to it at the beginning (which is unfortunately dropped later on), and it isn't a complete waste of time. It's harmless.

Andrew L (au) wrote: Another movie that Sammi Cheng rocks!!!! She delivers a multi performance of a greedy, silly, funny and emotional widow character. Johnnie To and Ka-Fai Wai directs a multi genre movie with such great performances and a screenplay. Sammi Cheng also played another important part to the film by performing 3 great songs for the soundtrack.

Charlie G (kr) wrote: Definately made for children family movie about a fairy that hits her head and turns into a woman, forgetting who she is. She has to get back to her fairy land or the collector will take her life.

Maximiliano D (ru) wrote: One of the greatest indie film I've watched in years. Wow, it was definitely an excellent movie about the nightmare of making a movie. The concept and the performances by the actors were fantastic. I loved it!

Shayne J (us) wrote: It's underrated mainly due to it's infectious soundtrack, but it certainly is lacking in a lot of departments. I actually just recently found out that this is a spiritual successor to RHPS... yeah, I see the resemblance now.

Dan B (us) wrote: Good stuff here. And one would think that the trick transitions between scenes would get old, but one would be mistaken.

Carlos R (fr) wrote: Breathtaking, lovely, moving, and absolutely stellar cast. Finding Nemo is an unforgettable story that adds another amazing addition to the Pixar collection.

Private U (us) wrote: A great cast taking on what feels like multiple storylines just when you think one has ended. Funny people will make you laugh and feel.

John S (de) wrote: It was ok. Different, but I expected it to be more exciting with that type of score.

Gav R (it) wrote: what's wrong with this film? the only wrotten acting is the token yank Jackson... no idea what his style muse was for this part

Tim M (ru) wrote: "Locke", starring Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, is the story of how one decision in your life can send things in a drastically different direction. What sets this film apart from others is only the lead actor appears on camera, and he's inside his car for the duration of the movie. Hardy carries this interesting concept with his usual charm, but the movie is thin and repetitive. As Locke's world is changing dramatically, so are the lives of others, but Locke is the constant. The best thing about this is it doesn't overdue it. At only 85 minutes (which still felt about 15 minutes too long), it's still not all that tightly wound. You should watch this for Hardy, who once again takes a chance on a low budget flick and the viewers are rewarded. Hardy may just be the best actor of his generation.

Wraith A (mx) wrote: You know exactly what you're gonna get from the poster: 80s-style horror comedy B-movie. It's not a disaster, but the laughs are pretty thin on the ground - more groaners than side-splitters. Talking of side-splitting though, nice old school prosthetic work on the transformation scenes... gotta give it props for that.

Erin W (us) wrote: Amazing!! Must see!!

Jane H (ag) wrote: If you are in to Alan Bennett movies then yes this is a classic. Superbly acted with very 'straight' British Humour. If however you are not really an Alan Bennett Fan then apart from the amazing acting it could leave you non-plussed.