Pik lik sin fung

Pik lik sin fung

A cop relies on a young car thief to take down four gangsters, who plan to rob a rich merchant for a large amount of money.

A cop relies on a young car thief to take down four gangsters, who plan to rob a rich merchant for a large amount of money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lara D (mx) wrote: a lot of pretty people in a pretty place, but not much else going on.

Catherine A (mx) wrote: This film combines the rare mix of being both completely dull and at times painful to watch. The cinematography invokes a "just out of film school" quality that makes us wonder if Soderbergh is attempting to try every cliche angle and shot that he can without linking it to a cohesive plot, or script. Cinematography is meant to enhance the story and emotion of a script, however in this case, Soderbergh is so anxious to produce "artistic" shots that he completely forgets what film he's making. The acting may be even worse than the screenplay. Sasha Grey is completely void of talent or emotion. As a porn actress, you'd think that she'd be able to act a little however, it appears her only talent lies in faking organisms. Do yourself a favor and avoid this film like the plague.

Jussi M (nl) wrote: Viddu mit potaskaa! Bring me the head of...

Octavian (it) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Rich B (it) wrote: One star for the ancient lady shooting the shit out of a cyborg. The rest of the film was a load of wank. WTF is with that shotgun that seems to fire a mortar? Bollocks. 1992? The effects looked worse than the films from the early 80s.

Earl W (nl) wrote: This is a movie that I must promote it's my first true love of a B flick.

Nathan T (de) wrote: Not a bad effort for a low budget 80's slasher. Some nice locations used. Some gory bits too. The only this I didn't like and its what I prefer with my slashers is the killer doesn't wear a mask and in my opinion a slasher movie must have a killer wearing a mask. But overall, its loaded with 80's atmosphere and charm and worth a look if your a fan of the 80's slasher genre.

Richard R (mx) wrote: Awful attempt, even for eighties horror.

Chris G (fr) wrote: Representing the culmination of a decade long collaboration between director Don Seigel and perpetual 1970's Clint Eastwood Escape from Alcatraz is a very loose account fo the 1962 escape from the legendary prison located in San Francisco Bay.The film opens with Frank Morris (Eastwood) being delivered to his new island home. He meets the hard ass warden (Patrick McGoohan) and delivers the speech to Morris about no one ever escaping Alcatraz and no one ever will. The film then follows Morris and his compatriots (Jack Thibeau, Fred Ward, and Larry Hankin) use their wits and the materials they have on hand to make their daring escape.Shot on the actual island, the film has a washed out and bleak look that obviously mimics its location in the foggy and cold bay area. The order in these broken down buildings shows how the island has rotted away with time, but the cogs of justice have continued to turn no matter what happens. Clint Eastwood's performance is one of his best, on par with Josey Wales or Unforgiven. You are not watching Dirty Harry in this film as Eastwood leaves that persona before the opening credits roll. The performances throughout the film are filled with hopelessness and even characters not involved in the escape seem to perk up when it's even hinted at. It's like sun light breaking through the clouds for one solitary moment. As a whole, the theme of the film is hope. All of the convicts are hopeless until Frank shows up and starts filling their minds with the possibility, the hope, of escape. Could there be a way out of Alcatraz that doesn't end in death? This is another '70's film that flipped the good guys and the bad guys. Once again, after Vietnam and Watergate, the nation lost confidence in its authority figures. In Escape from Alcatraz you are rooting for the cons to overcome the authority that keeps pressing its thumb down on them from the opening moments. It is a great film that is really an underrated masterpiece of the 1970's.

Al M (it) wrote: A truly worthy sequel to The Village of the Damned. Children of the Damned continues to be a creepy kids film, but it uses the basic premise of the film to critique the Cold War strategy of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction). The children in the film are each from a different country, each of which wants their brilliance to help develop new weapons that will give them an advantage in the arms race. But the children hold together as image of the world living in peace, an image that the film demonstrates to be naively utopian. A brilliant piece of sci-fi horror that should not be missed.

Joshua M (ca) wrote: commercials make it look good, so i'll be seeing this one soon.

Viktor N (mx) wrote: Must be the worst one in the franchise. Jean-Claude and Dolph must have taken part in it by nothing more than love for there legendary characters name (since there was not much more that remained). Scott has some great moves but to wait more than half of a already shity movie to see them doesn't make things better.

Timothy J (kr) wrote: Not as bad as the ratings would show.

Tom K (jp) wrote: the most boring horror film i have ever seen!