Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress

Journey with Pilgrim, as John Bunyan's famous allegory leaps from its pages to a movie. You'll experience the Slough of Despond, Hill of Difficulty, Vanity Fair, Meet Pliable, Mr Obstinate, Worldly Wiseman, Evangelist, Mr Interpreter, and Pilgrim's constant foe, Apollyon. Follow Pilgrim to the cross, and ultimately to the Celestial City. A powerful visualization of the Christian life.

Journey with Pilgrim as John Bunyan's famous allegory leaps from its pages to a movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake M (fr) wrote: Filled with bad acting, a terrible story, and horrifying special effects, Son of the Mask is one of the worst movies I have ever seen! Plus, the imagery is freackin' scary!

Chris S (au) wrote: A disturbing documentary style horror movie lead by another demented performance by Joe "Maniac" Spinell.

Greg W (es) wrote: this is now 2X flixster has lost my reviews of this-grrrr!

Jose M (ag) wrote: Someone should remake this film! If no one is gonna do it, I will take a shot. Oh boy, you won't see it coming!

Trevor L (ca) wrote: Spooky. Haunting. Almost a horror film, but just quiet and slow enough to fly past that mark and stay cemented in drama.

Tony L (ag) wrote: The first half of the movie sets up for something great. It does a very good job giving little details to everything, making you think each and every little thing has alterior motives or purposes. But then once plot points are finally revealed, it takes a rough nosedive into ridiculous. Also, it's amazing that Angelina Jolie was cast for this main FBI agent role. She just does not fit. Not because she is too talented or not talented enough, but it just makes everything a little more unbeleivable.