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Joseph M (ru) wrote: More of a piece that looks at the value of human life through the lens of an action film. A nice change from the shoot'em up bloodthirsty fare that now passes for entertainment.

Octavian (es) wrote: Warning:Substance abuse

Ashton S (ru) wrote: average as a mate directed it!! :)

Jason J (nl) wrote: A poor remake and reinvention of the Japanese 70's exploitation movie Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion. It doesn't even come close to matching the greatness of it and the lead actress Miko Mizuno is no Meiko Kaji that's for sure. The plot is a little bit different as half way through the movie the lead character Nami is out of prison and plotting her revenge after being taught how to fight by a kung fu master. The acting I have to say was weak. If you've seen the original movie then I wouldn't bother with this one. It'll only disappoint you.

Jed D (de) wrote: "My kind of SyFy". I have always been a big fan of Donnelly Rhodes. Loch Ness Terror, is alot of fun.

Brent A (fr) wrote: Pro: Interesting twisted story for the Stargate franchise. Features old faces including Richard Dean Anderson and more.Con: You will probably watch it one time.Q: Can we please get a another sequel !

Van R (nl) wrote: What would life be like without an occasional rotten movie? The title tells all in this variation of the vintage 1977 killer whale movie ORCA about a whale that wreaks vengeance on the fishermen that destroyed its mate and baby. In the lackluster GRIZZLY RAGE, four obnoxious teenagers recklessly careening through the woods hit a grizzly bear cub accidentally and kill the little fellow moments before they smash headlong into a tree and damage their 4X4 Jeep beyond repair. Surprise, surprise, they cannot get a signal on their cell phone. It does not help matters that they are trespassing on private property deep in the middle of nowhere littered with ominous looking barrels that would appear more appropriate in a toxic waste dump. Suddenly, an angry momma bear emerges and comes after them. Director David Decoteau, who helmed such memorable titles as SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA as well as FRANKENSTEIN & THE WEREWOLF REBORN, must have needed a quick paycheck. Basically, this low-budget horror chiller has three guys, a girl and a bear (a male named Koda) in the forest. Decoteau shows the bear howling, walking on all fours then rearing up on its back legs, but you rarely see anything but the wrecked vehicle in the same shot. When the bear does attack, all we see are its paws and claws in close-up. The teenagers lack a shred of sympathy and you find yourself rooting for the bear. Of course, the momma bear eats them all.


Arash B (es) wrote: Guess I'm the only one here but I think the twist is dumb & almost ruins the entire movie

Michelle C (ca) wrote: good movie with the right cast. the storytelling was also nice.

Arthur P (gb) wrote: Exceptional political mockumentary/satire about a folk singer made in the vein of Bob Dylan, if he was a corrupt right wing christian extremist xenophobe running for senate. The scary thing is how relevant this movie is and shows how the far right (in the nineties the neo-cons, and now the Tea Party) will confuse and brainwash people to vote for them although it violates their best interest and liberals let this happen because they don't have a spine. Also the music was well done and great performances all around especially Robbins as Roberts.

Marilee A (es) wrote: Another Wonderful Version of Dangerous Liaisons, which has Merits Unique to it's own Style of Story Telling.I Love Annette Bening in this, as well as Meg Tilly's Innocence is the best of all the Versions.Lovely & Naughty

Darren H (ru) wrote: The movie DEATH HUNT turns history on its head, but in doing so it manages to deliver an entertaining movie that details the determination of two men in a manhunt across the Canadian tundra. Directed by James Bond veteran Peter Hunt, who after working as an editor on the first few 007 pictures was promoted to director of the fan favorite ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE and went on to direct such classics as GOLD and SHOUT AT THE DEVIL. The movie DEATH HUNT provides Hunt the opportunity to reteam with his SHOUT AT THE DEVIL star Lee Marvin. Marvin plays a world-weary Canadian Mountie who is obligated (I use that word because Marvin's character seems to feel some sympathy for his quarry) to bring in a trapper (played by a quiet brooding Charles Bronsan) who is being harassed by some local thugs. The execution of this story is excellent, the acting first-rate and the shots of the Yukon breathtaking. Where this movie does falter is in purporting to tell history by tying in the story of the Mad Trapper of Rat River into the fabric of the story - and in doing so unraveling all the history books tell us about the real incident. Just type in `Mad Trapper of Rat River" on an Internet search engine to learn all you want to know about the 1931 incident, but everything we know about the real incident tells us that Albert Johnson was the guilty party. But here Johnson is portrayed as an innocent man whose pursuers use the charge of his being the mad trapper as an excuse to mobolize the law enforcement resources of the Yukon to catch him. Given that nobody to this day really knows the identity of Johnson, the filmmakers invent a rather fanciful past for him. The character Marvin plays - Millen - was also shot and killed by Johnson in a shootout midway through the chase, but in the movie DEATH HUNT Marvin's character is in the chase to the very end. Still, taken as a piece of fiction the movie DEATH HUNT is resounding stuff. I saw it on television some years ago and was hoping it would one day be released on DVD. Hunt is an expert at building suspense and a master at drama - and DEATH HUNT have both those elements in plentiful supply. In addition to Marvin and Bronsan the movie also features an impressive supporting cast with young heartthrob of the late 1970s/1980s Andrew Stevens as a young, eager Mountie and Carl Weathers (of Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies fame) as another weary Mountie. Add to the mix Ed Lauter and Angie Dickinsoin and the pedigree of this feature is obvious. So, the overall verdict? This is an entertaining action adventure with plenty of suspense and drama. Just don't expect an accurate history lesson.

Tuomas S (jp) wrote: Ji kyll junnaamaan turhan paljon paikalleen, loppu ei tuntunu aidolta ja muutenkin oli aika htikidysti kasattu filmi. Mutta onhan n tmmset mukavia...