Pimp Bullies

Pimp Bullies

Five suspects holding a piece of the truth behind an unsolved crime.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Five suspects holding a piece of the truth behind an unsolved crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antonius B (mx) wrote: Campy as this movie is, you can really see the genius of the premise, written and directed by Michael Crichton. Well ahead of its time in 1973, when computers were far from ubiquitous, it shows the inevitable progression of robot technology, and 'computers designing computers'. There are also some fantastic shot sequences in the second half of the movie, particularly as rogue robot (Yul Brunner) hunts down one of the guests (Richard Benjamin) at Westworld. This also prefetches the 'Terminator' series. Unfortunately, I can only recommend it with reservations, because the first half of the movie is too silly, alternating between clich scenes in a saloon and lame attempts at humor. Dick Van Patten's character is just ridiculous. The sex scene between Benjamin and the robot prostitute is too, with a corny preamble and then some laugh out loud rolling back and forth. There's just not enough darkness and grit in the first half, and I don't necessarily mean not enough hardcore violence, I mean it's just too light. Part of the problem is in casting Benjamin, and another part is in direction and editing towards a PG rating.The film does redeem itself when the robots snap. Yul Brunner turns in a great performance and the look in his eyes is memorable. There is real tension, and I loved how the film also combined at least parts of 'Medieval World' and 'Rome World' into the story, though it could have done more. You have to cut it some slack for having been made in 1973, and appreciate it for the outstanding premise, the potential of which Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy recognized before creating HBO's series.

Gail W (de) wrote: I really like super cyclone because it has science in it and it is funny. This movie is amazing . It's about a cyclone from a disaster path throughout the entire eastern seaboard. It's a really good movie to watch. I like it .

Justin T (mx) wrote: This is a continuation of the 3rd one sort of. But the problem is it lacks most of what made the 3rd one so great. Also it's less about anacondas this time and more about different factions that just happen to be in the same place for some reason. On the plus side the special effects are sort of better...

Ney G (gb) wrote: Trs bon film pour les amateurs de philosophie et tudiants

Makisig H (br) wrote: Its underdeveloped characters, unsatisfying tone and low key technicalities makes this supposed -to-be erotic film unappealing.

Denise K (br) wrote: although this is an older movie, it is one worth watching over and over. All of us have those past issues that haunt us, but this movie reminds us of God's mercy and grace and how He freely extends it daily. I love David White in this movie. Stacy Keach has a small role that adds a touch of humor but is so relevant to every day life.

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Darin W (ag) wrote: theres a reason you've never heard of this movie. it was pretty bad, but ironically we kept watchin it to see what happens. it does kinda have a good ending.

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Dan M (ru) wrote: I'm guessing I haven't rated this yet because it's been forever since I last watched it. Definitely has the nostalgia factor, along with the extremely gorgeous Phoebe Cates(hey, Gizmo's not the only cute one here). A little on the kooky side sure, but it's good Christmas entertainment so yeah.

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Jim H (kr) wrote: David Tennant's Hamlet is stolid and unaffected until he starts feigning madness. Tennant then creates a character that is interesting to watch, but I never felt like I was watching an intellectual wrestling with life's grand questions. There are also several scenes from Elsinore's security cameras, and I have no idea why these are in there or what the black and white photography does to enhance the director's take on this story. This is in addition to the characters seemingly random direct addresses to the camera. The set and the direct addresses make it seem as though we're not watching a film, but a play on film, much like the stationary cameras and action of the first films. Patrick Stewart, who was my real attraction to this version, was good as Claudius, but I don't see anything revolutionary in his portrayal. I also wonder about the director's decision to double-cast Stewart as both Claudius and the ghost. There didn't seem to be a point to this choice, and I'm still waiting for the version that uses Hamlet's disembodied voice as the ghost; such a decision contains a thematic statement unlike what I saw here.Overall, it's always good to watch Hamlet, with the exception of the Mel Gibson and Ethan Hawke versions, but I'm not overly impressed with this addition to the canon.

Jon T (es) wrote: No, it's not a biopic of the famous Denmark storyteller, but, as the opening credits declare, "a fairy tale of this great spinner of fairy tales." And that's exactly what this film is. Danny Kaye does an outstanding job in the title role, portraying Hans as a sweet-natured, gentle soul with boundless imagination and a tender, childlike innocence. Further complimenting the storybook quality set backdrops and Kaye's turn is the unforgettable score by Frank Loesser, which naturally, turns several of Andersen's best known fairy tales, such as "The Emperor's New Clothes", "Thumbelina," and "The Ugly Duckling." In fact, the best sequences of the film are the ones in which Hans spins his yarns before a group of wide-eyed children who, naturally, adore the man. But HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN is also a love story, and a rather tragic one at that. Forced to leave the village since his stories distract the children from school, Hans gets involved with the Royal Ballet Company of Copenhagen where he falls madly in love with the prima ballerina, Doro. Unfortunately, she's married to the company's temperamental director, Niels. When Hans witnesses a quarrel between the spouses, his response is to draft a story which leads to the longest scene in the film: a spectacular ballet that retells the melancholy tale of "The Little Mermaid" set to the music of Liszt. (Fans of the Disney film take note: Andersen's original version, as portrayed here, is darker and sadder.) It's in this subplot that the film loses some of its momentum, but at the same time it lends an air of complexity to this "simplified" and fabricated telling. HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN earns my highest rating regardless, but also out of a personal bias: it was one of my favorite films growing up as a kid, and today it holds up quite well, even with the occasional slow spot.

Private U (it) wrote: With the rise of the disgusting modern musical one can only fondly recal the glory days of Busby Berkeley and his incredible productions. With incredible singing, extraordinary dancing and excellent humor "Dames" is my personal favorite for Buerkeley's work. Joan Blondell shines but Dick Powell captures this movie. His performance of the titular song "Dames" knocked me out of my seat.

Sam O (jp) wrote: Children's environmental propaganda?

Tess F (de) wrote: what a stunning character portrayal of a woman's instinct to survive calamitous indoctrination. what a chance for us to not look away from our empathic response to homelessness. Provoke yourself!