'Pimpernel' Smith

'Pimpernel' Smith

Professor Horatio Smith, while seeming very unassuming, rescues victims of Nazi persecution during World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerrod O (nl) wrote: Very interesting to learn the history behind the famous Sue. The field museum being backed by McDonald's and Disney pretty much guaranteed that CHICAGO would be Sue's home no matter what the price.This documentary also showed a very enlightening perspective of what's fair, and what's the law. I think that the group should've been convicted on more counts and the seller should have been indicted as well. In reality, they're a group of thieves but because they made awesome discoveries it makes you want to root for them.There's no way that they were completely ignorant of the boundaries in which they could excavate.

Jeremy K (fr) wrote: Jack O is gonna be somebody one day..

Maranda F (ca) wrote: This was interesting. The ending was awesome.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: A dreadful film with with no plot so ever. Lived Keith Lemon on celebrity juice but the big screen just isn't for him. A great disappointment.

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Scott W (it) wrote: Zac Efron will be a big star again... aside from teenage star I think.... this movie has heart, but just too many flaws........

Geoffrey T (ag) wrote: David Mamet is the master of snappy, fast dialogue and intense filmmaking. It certainly shows here, even if this flawed film has too many plot twists and becomes convoluted and unfocused by the end. But involving and well-done mostly.

Himanshu G (de) wrote: good but not good as Page 3

Frankie M (es) wrote: Johnny Depp is funny

Jim A (gb) wrote: The best film i have seen for a long time,old fashioned thriller with Glover and Quaid on top form,Brilliant performance from Jared Leto.A must see for anyone who likes the Hitchcock movies

Thomas B (ru) wrote: I loved it!! Very gritty and great acting by entire cast.

BJ T (fr) wrote: Its hard not to feel motivated and American pride as this is a classical retelling of an undersized underdog hero versus in a sense a gigantic unfamiliar villian who is suspected of using drugs to enhance his performance.

Kyle E (fr) wrote: Legendary horror director Wes Craven is well known for creating films like The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream etc. In 1982 Wes Craven wrote and directed the live action movie adaptation to DC comics hero Swamp Thing, the film is a low budget B-movie that surely is great fun to watch. One funny thing is that Swamp Thing is supposed to have comical elements to it but the film takes it self too seriously and the comedy elements seem so small compared to it's sequel Return of the Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing costume is pretty cool and looks effective, the acting is fine. Swamp Thing is a fun comic book adaptation that's should be seen. Check this out. 1

John K (kr) wrote: Love this movie. What a fun movie with our old friends from the Enterprise D.

Chris W (fr) wrote: Taras Bulba may deviate from the source material, and it may be Romeo and Juliet-esque, but it's more of an adventure movie than a romance. Yeah, there is romance, but guys can watch this and not feel emasculated. Yul Brynner is awesome and chews up the scenery good as the lead character- a proud and die-hard Cossack who gets into it with his oldest son (a slightly out of place Tony Curtis) when he falls in love with a Polish woman- an enemy of the Cossack's. The direction is pretty sharp and never slow, and the music is just terrific- it's an epic without an excessive running time. The costumes are cool, and the battle scenes (for the time AND in general) arepretty cool and well done. The films is a little flawed, but still worth checking out.

AW C (mx) wrote: In the Heart of the Sea boasts some fine visuals and an interesting character dynamic. But the underwhelming plot, pacing, acting, and dialog leave a lot to be desired.