A stoner and his dealer are forced to go on the run from the police after the pothead witnesses a cop commit a murder.

Andrew, an Austin, Texas publishing executive, who's on the wagon and in A.A., walks in on his wife in bed with another man, and in the nasty divorce that follows, Andrew falls hard off the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pineapple torrent reviews

Asad C (us) wrote: A better review coming soon. -_-

Michael O (it) wrote: Sincere, sweet tale illuminated by the late Richard Fransworth's Oscar-nominated performance. A real winner...

Chad M (es) wrote: A romantic comedy with both humor and heart that doesn't fall into the trap of rehashing old predictable storylines from the genre; focusing instead on real characters in true situations with believable outcomes. The performances from both Blayne Weaver and Natalie Morales are stellar. Basically the film is well-made, super-fun, and should be seen by all.

ShawnRay M (nl) wrote: This movie is just all around bad and amateurish. Oh... and it sucks, too.

Brian L (br) wrote: In my opinion it is still a "watchable/bearable" film. Better than the first one that is for sure! Besides the shitty acting,directionality/movement and crappy casting...this movie actually has a decent plot and storyline. It's just that the casting "screws it all" most of them don't look like they are tough enough or professional enough to be in the "Special forces" dealing with these kind of zombies. I dont know if this is done intentional, but it still counts for me as a fail.

maorimite r (ca) wrote: i love watching films based on a true story......

Everardo C (br) wrote: con geniales pelas y el mensaje que transmite la pelcula tiene todo lo que un fan de las artes marciales busca

Austin S (kr) wrote: You know for me I just found this movie to be very boring. I mean really al this movie is is just a bunch of kids in an attic hanging out and leaving every once in awile. Also it's very funny how the movie try's to make the granny so evil in this film. I mean I wouldnt say she's nice but count Olaf was meaner than her. There really wasn't that much to her in this film and this is no relation to the book. But really I found the mother to be more evil because she made the kids think there was a bright future for them and just Made them think there was going to be a way out in the end even thoe instead she planned to kill them. I thought one of the most sinister moments in this film was when the mother told the kids that the little boy twin died. Just the way she looked is what made it so sinister. How she had no emotions on her face. Also the way she died was just a joke. But in the end this movie was just boring with really nothing to care about because of how uninteresting it was. I mean it would of been nice if the kids went searching around the house a lot more than they did but instead they just did nothing half of the time and just hung out in an attic and died slowly. Also it's funny that they didn't go to the police afterwards when they left the mansion and told them how they almost died and one of them did die and just out the grandmother behind bars and take the rest of the money since the mother is dead. I don't know but I just didn't like this film cause I just couldn't get into it but I didn't hate the film that's one thing I can say that's good.

Kim B (kr) wrote: I think this film is largely overrated and i hated the script that everyone else seems to love. Im watching a movie not reading a book, i shouldnt need a dictionary! The vocabulary they were using was ridic. I also didnt like like the suggestion that the newer generations are insensitive robots, if anything my generation is overly sensitive and that happens when ur exposed to so much and everyone has a voice. Anyways the performances were great and i did like the main message about the dangers of media become unethical and just rating based. I think there def has been moments esp with reality tv that went too far bc of ratings and i particularly hate news channels on the internet like reddit and such that take glory and money in others sufferings THATS NOT news its exploitation!!!I also never knew were the film was going with howard and i enjoyed that part particularly. Half of what howard said i was like that is right lol and that scary scene with jensen going on about corp owning the world is prob more than a little right.

Jonathan H (ru) wrote: Not even worth watching.....acting is horrible!

Millo T (fr) wrote: Between 2.5 and 3. I do not like all the resources of this teacher, but...

Colleen Michelle B (fr) wrote: This movie is wicked good. I love all the twists and turns in this. It kept me in my seat. lol.

Farah R (de) wrote: Would not recommend.

Paul M (au) wrote: Don't watch this movie. Even if you accidentally slipped over something and fell into a movie theatre screening this. Good lord, this is a shame on the name sniper. In fact in the 2 hour movie you see a sniper rifle for less than 5 mins. After that, for the rest of the 115 mins, the biggest weapon of mass destruction you see is a revolver, not to mention the smartness of the lady Conrad, or the lack of it. . Why this movie has sniper in its title is beyond me. Plus, towards the end, it becomes a porn movie with title, who can kiss up to Steven segal more. Must have been titled an eulogy to Segal or something. He has put on so much weight that he moves like a panser tank in a swamp.