Pinky Moge Wali

Pinky Moge Wali

Punjabi comedy.

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Farah F (jp) wrote: I dare you to see it. I challenge all 8 people from all gender to see it, all of them are were deeply moved, they cried. It's not a mellow or overly dramatic anime, but it's simple, about friendship, and sincere to the end. thumbs up

Bill C (mx) wrote: Yet another enjoyable movie from Hilary Swank. The content moved me to tears.

Brendan N (it) wrote: So. Fucking. Precious.If Dawson's Creek and Nicholas Sparks had a baby, it would be this abomination of a film. To recap, a wealthy writer's 19 year old daughter has her first book published - other things happen - then her 17 year old brother has his "first story" published as well. Divorced parents then reunite at Thanksgiving while Elliott Smith plays in the background. Jesus Christ.Barf City son. Sad!

Mariana A (fr) wrote: Not what I expected. Original and touching, with the roles rather convincingly played.

Marena K (mx) wrote: Great soundtrack and a movie with undoubtly lol-worthy plot and Sonal Chauhan's 'reckless' acting.

Henry M (es) wrote: One of the few sequels that ever get the recognition of being arguably better than the film before it... This movie is fresh and fun, it continues on a story we know and love while simultaneously making it better. The plot is one of Pixar's best ever and the characters (old and new) are simply amazing.

Robin N (ru) wrote: This movie was widely panned by critics, however I've always enjoyed because of it's efficient collaboration of genres.It's fun, smart and empowers Julia Roberts as a strong female character.

Joey G (ag) wrote: I havnt seen this since i was frikin 9 and now i know why i stayed to watch it!!! the animation was so different!!!!!!!!!!!!1

F B (br) wrote: Not only very outdated but also quite a rubbish film.

Matthew L (it) wrote: Carpenter's directorial debut, that was an expansion of his student film given additional finances. A little uneven at times and the shoestring budget is evident, but the pitch black humour still holds up today along with the tedium of a mundane job regardless of its location. An idea that co-writer O'Bannon would reuse five years later when co-writing Alien.

Mark D (fr) wrote: Hitchcock didn't want to make this movie and his disinterest shows: it's confusing and poorly setup even though it's well shot and has a good climax.

Mark S (jp) wrote: Charlie Chaplin dressed as a woman getting into fist fights with men is quite amusing but this is very much a one-joke short.

Gimly M (jp) wrote: A better-than-average-but-still-not-great Creature Feature that thankfully was vastly superior to the similarly themed and similarly named "Infested" from 2002 that I mistook it for.

Lori W (ca) wrote: Good movie...Hated the ending..

Claudette A (it) wrote: A fantastic movie, a lot of complexities.

Mike C (es) wrote: Another of the made for black audience movies of the 70's that had a number of black actors who later became famous in their own movies & TV shows.