Pinocchio's Revenge

Pinocchio's Revenge

Defense attorney Jennifer Garrick acquires a Pinocchio puppet from a condemned serial killer. Her pre-teen daughter, Zoe, mistakes the puppet as a birthday present and grows attached to her new friend. Suddenly, accidents begin to happen to those who cross Zoe. Zoe claims it's her Pinocchio doll but her therapist thinks otherwise. Pinocchio promises he'll behave if Zoe will cut his strings...

Defense attorney Jennifer Garrick acquires a Pinocchio puppet from a condemned serial killer. Her pre-teen daughter, Zoe, mistakes the puppet as a birthday present and grows really attached... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris P (us) wrote: Really interesting and fun documentary. Basically the life story of a genius psycho drummer.

Vincent G (kr) wrote: Trs beau film. La musique de la scne finale est superbe (eme n'gongo lami)

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Doug K (mx) wrote: I enjoyed it. Seemed somewhat realistic.

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Christian A (es) wrote: Welcome to Los Angeles the city of angels. Trust me, by the end of this movie you're going to be wondering if it should actually be referred to as the city of demons. Jack Nicholson stars in Roman Polanski's Chinatown alongside Faye Dunaway and John Huston. Nicholson's character, J.J. Gittes, Is a private eye who delves into other people's secrets while trying to escape from his own. J.J. Gittes is a private eye in a city where everyone has something to hide and on a regular afternoon, Gittes get asked to spy on a woman's husband to find out who he is being unfaithful with. This women is Mrs. Mulwray, wife of Hollis Mulwray, the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Water and Power Supply, an important and prominent figure in the city. Gittes gets the job done and the pictures end up in the local newspaper.However, when Gittes is approached and handed a lawsuit by a women claiming to be the real Mrs. Mulwray (Faye Dunawaya), he realizes he was setup. Gittes, who is not easily hoodwinked and values is reputation, sets out to figure out who wanted to setup Mr. Mulwray. This is where the web of lies begins. And as Gittes digs deeper and deeper the web begins to unravel, and to surprising results. What begins as a scandal involving the corruption and manipulation of one of Los Angeles most important resources quickly turns in to a story involving a lot of people and their very personal secrets. And somehow, they are all connected. I don't really want to go too much into the plot because this movie really relies on its twists and turns that occur throughout the film. I can say though that this movie really has it all. It has an engaging story, great characters that I actually started to care about as the film went on. The atmosphere it brilliant, such a dark and corrupt story set in the backdrop of the beautiful Los Angeles.There are three main characters at the forefront of the story. J.J. Gittes is our hero. He is a private eye who has secrets from his past that still trouble him. "Are you alone?" Gittes is asked at one point, and his response is "isn't everybody?" showing us just how lonely Gittes really is. Often times in this film Gittes is outnumbered and helpless and you begin to sympathize for him and his struggles and how impossible his task is.Faye Dunaway plays Evelyn Mulwray, a character which a lot of the twists and turns revolve around. We don't really find out who or what she really is until the latter end of the movie. And as the credits were rolling, she still seemed a mystery to me. Lastly, but certainly not least you have John Huston, in one of his most chilling performances as Noah Cross. Cross is very rich man who is associated with the LA Water and Power Supply and who is also

Lenny R (fr) wrote: OK, so the villain blows up like a balloon and bursts. This is indeed stupid. But it's one of relatively few truly stupid moments for an early '70s Bond movie, and the bits between those stupid moments are actually pretty unstupid indeed. They've taken Fleming's pretty racist novel ('Raak! Product of its time! Raak!') and made it into a pseudo-blaxploitation movie (a product of ITS time) starring possibly the whitest honky in history, the newly cast Roger Moore. He does OK, or at least seems to after Sean's lacklustre turn in Diamonds, but wouldn't really find his feet until his mid-stint Gilbert phase. Yaphet Kotto, when not suffering a fatal case of gas, is great in the 'dual' role of Mr Big/Kananga, switching between badass blaxploitation caricature and cold, intelligent nemesis with aplomb. The movie is almost overflowing with entertainingly gimmicky henchmen - from Whisper (his gimmick is that he whispers - get it?) to claw-handed Tee-Hee (a compulsive giggler, you see), to the actually really cool Voodoo 'magician' Baron Samedi, brilliantly played by Geoffrey Holder. 'Girls'-wise, we've got Rosie, an inept CIA agent, who is written in a more overtly sexist way than inept MI6 agent Mary in the subsequent entry, but still well played by Gloria Hendry. Then we've got tarot card reader Solitaire (get it?) played by some 22-year-old called Introducing Jane Seymour. She's great too, even if pairing her with already-well-into-his-40s-at-this-point Rodge is a bit creepy. There are some really cool scenes, some good jokes, and the heroin-trafficking storyline is compelling, but the thing that really distinguishes this entry is the amazing bayou speedboat chase. Plus, Wings give us one of the best Bond theme songs ever, which is also arguably the only good song they ever produced.

Amy H (es) wrote: I thought this movie was another teenager Internet horror movie but it turns out to be quite original and was very interesting and captivating to watch till the end. Acting were a bit poor.

Ibraheem M (mx) wrote: Fisher is full energy and gives a good performance, but that is not good enough to save the film from being dumb and mainstream.

King T (mx) wrote: Channing Tatum is an up and comming actor that will be in more great movies.

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