Pinot simple flic

Pinot simple flic

En voulant aider Marylou à sortir de la délinquance, Pinot, simple flic, va se retrouver confronté à Tony, son compagnon, un dealer.

First film (as director) of , this movie is a simple and tender story of a little policemen... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frdric H (mx) wrote: I had heard so much about it being a good movie but turns out it was a total bore .Avoid "Beirut Hotel" , it has nothing to offer : poor plot , not much dialogue and very poor acting from many persons.

Eric H (mx) wrote: Why anyone wouldn't rate this with 5 stars is beyond me. Do you realize what a gift it is to get to see an artist working in their studio environment much less an artist of the calibre of Gerhard Richter? He didn't seem like a curmudgeon to me at all, perhaps a little uncomfortable with an more into his work space but I thought he was quite graceful and gave well thought out responses to questions.I would have liked to have seen his house as well but that is me just being nosey. This is a great movie if you have any interest in the inner workings of an artist in their studio. It is only one look at how artists work - not all work like Mr. Richter - but it is a real treat.

Brett E (de) wrote: Original & effective. In our time of 900 sequels released each week, "Frailty" is a good catch. The concept is clever and it is a nice ride from start to finish. Bill Paxton, I'll admit, was pretty lame but he usually is. Matthew McConaughey was much better in this than he usually is, on the other hand.

Austin G (gb) wrote: The sequel explains this movie in a minute and a half in its opening credits, so feel free to drive by this one.

Amitabh G (fr) wrote: A very well made movie. You'll seldom find an Aamir Khan starrer that sucked! This movie neatly ties up all loose ends in the end and has a very believable story line.

Rachel H (ru) wrote: It was pretty ridiculous. But kept me entertained, so I can't complain. Plus I like Keri Russell, and it was funny to see Catherine Hicks be a seductive divorcee.

I am A (de) wrote: Very good idea for a movie...and it worked well

Brandon W (it) wrote: The final Karate Kid for the original trilogy that starts Ralph Macchio is sadly not a bittersweet end to the franchise that only should've been part 1 and 2. The acting is fine, and the fight scenes are still entertaining to watch, but the plot is stale and is starting to look to the same. The chemistry between Daniel and Jessica is refreshing as it's a friendship instead of a love interest, but it felt pointless to me and more of an excuse to keep the movie going. Thomas Ian Griffith is having so much fun and his character is the best part of the film. The chemistry between Daniel and Miyagi is not as strong as the other films and seeing them argue kind of hurts me and it make me lose a bit of respect for Daniel. Maybe that's why we needed a reboot, so that it'll know what's so good about the first movie and goes back to being a Karate Kid movie unlike this. The Karate Kid Part III does have some good moments, but it's an unsatisfying conclusion and it makes me actually glad that there's even a reboot.

Alyan H (it) wrote: A laugh a minute riot. Classic 90's comedy with an all-star cast.