Piove sul bagnato

Piove sul bagnato

When a kidnapping goes horribly wrong, a working-class Florentine and his friends find themselves in over their heads. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric R (es) wrote: Complete waste of time. Nothing scary about it. Horrible camera work even though it was done on purpose. I will never watch another movie that pretends to be ??real?? footage again.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of Jason Segel's best movies. The plot of the movie is amazing and movie has tons of laughs. I would suggest this movie.

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Brandon C (fr) wrote: Not one of my favorites, but it was a decent watch.

Chris G (jp) wrote: An oldie, but a goodie. One of what I would say was Gere's better movies.

Dave F (kr) wrote: Harsh. Very believable.

Nikolas G (ca) wrote: i watched it again , in a festival for Wim Wenders .. road movies are a favorite catalog , and this film maybe is the best of Wenders

John D (mx) wrote: Despite being an odd choice to play an Italian boxer from New York, Paul Newman is surprisingly good in this biopic of Rocky Graziano. The film runs through the events of Graziano's life a little too fast at times, but overall this is an enjoyable film. Look for Steve McQueen as one of Graziano's pals.

Kurtis E (mx) wrote: It's dated - yes - but it's a bit of fun matched with sizzling Monroe and beautiful Canadian backdrops.

Whitney B (kr) wrote: Favorite Road movie ever!

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