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Ervelien R (nl) wrote: wew , i want to be the last international playgirl .haha

Dinesh P (ag) wrote: The film is about the worsening relationship between father and son. the best part of the movie is that includes dark humor in its story telling and is able to convey the complicated thinking of the elder professor. What I did not like was the film ends abruptly without culminating the story. A film worth watching.

Patrick E (fr) wrote: Pretty decent disaster flick from the Sci-Fi channel about an asteroid on a collision course with earth. The military have developed a laser with the capabilities of blowing up the asteroid, sadly they refuse to believe that the asteroid will actually hit the earth. Que a couple of scientists and a couple of discharged soldiers to break into the military complex that holds the laser and to save the day.Usually the problem with these films are the awful acting ans special effects, thankfully the acting from most is quite good and there is limited special effects. The plot moves along at a good pace and is never boring, the break into the military compound is entertaining but admittedly the slight sense of believability goes completely out the window at the end.If you don't sit there and try to pick holes in the plot then Force of Impact is an entertaining little romp that's a good way to waste 90 minutes on a Sunday.

wedstarfish 8 (it) wrote: Monster House is a well done film and will scare you, yes, it is rated PG but so is Polstergeist and we know that scared you too.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: entertaining film with a decent story

Jaws N (it) wrote: I am probably in the minority here, but this movie kills. This movie is so amazing. The effects are eye-popping, the acting is superb, and I think they might have casted a REAL LIVE Megaladon for the role, I mean I can't get past how real the Megaladon looks.

Anthony M (us) wrote: This was a damn good movie about a kid trying to find his place in a world that rejects him. The bathroom humor and the barely maintained pride color in the character and gives him a depth that I rarely see in movies. David Spade's portrayal of a social outlier is brilliant. Everyone who liked Monster should enjoy this movie since except for the happy ending it's the same damn movie.

Franky M (ag) wrote: Interesting dramatic story of Frankie Lymon life filled with great music....Worth watching.

Andrew P (es) wrote: It truly is a beautiful thing

Richard D (ru) wrote: I love this film unconditionally. Although it's set i the 1970's, and goes to quite a bit of care to get the period detail correct, it's timeless in the same way that a film like "American Graffiti" is. It's about youth and the freedom that comes with it. Everybody can identify with something here. It's my favourite of Linklater's work.

Adam L (ag) wrote: Lending to the early careers of Jackie Chan, Tsui Hark, and Hwang Jang-lee the mid-'80s found influential producer Ng See-yuen momentarily setting his sights on the American market via the trend-setting martial arts family drama "The Karate Kid" (1984), which proved that white boys could fight (under the tutelage of seasoned Asian martial artists).Devoid of everything that made its inspiration work "No Retreat, No Surrender" might have faded into oblivion had this domestically made/foreign assembled knock-off not used a number of stereotypes (ranging from the silly to the downright offensive) that it's worth seeing at least once as a history lesson that may produce more than just a little nervous laughter. Bruceploitation actor Tong Lung (credited by his given Korean name Kim Tai Chong) is Sifu or rather Sensei Lee -- see what we mean? -- one last time and then-unknown Belgian martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme is the white boy's laconic mean-spirited Russian adversary.

Tuomas S (gb) wrote: Aikas mukava tunnelma mutta vhn turhan koominen.

Elias N (ag) wrote: Start of the MCU. Downey does a legendary job as the amazing character.

K C (nl) wrote: Pink Lady Down... Though 'Gray Lady Down' is code for a downed sub, the boat itself doesn't play as big a part in the movie as one fears. The story of a WWII submarine crew looking to survive aboard their oft damaged ship moves briskly, with style and serves as a great war themed picture. Watching the crew work against the enemy, their own and the vessel itself is just some good fun. Teaming Tony Curtis with his film idol in Grant, the two have great chemistry and play wartime officers quite well, giving this comedy a battlefront appeal. Saturday afternoon fare, bring the popcorn but only take the bathroom break in case of emergency.

May A (it) wrote: Enjoyed all performances.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Good fun. Why the low ratings? Lighten up people.

Ashley V (de) wrote: Couldn't even truly watch it, I was so bored.

Kyle R (ca) wrote: I went on a cruise the past week and i saw a bunch of movies on it, well not really but i saw some. Those above. I wont explain or review them though... but i did see I Heart Huckabees like 7 times, and I think its up there on my favorite movies list cause you understand it, and feel it more and more everytime.