Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking

Her name is about all you can handle.

Her name is about all you can handle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pippi Longstocking torrent reviews

Death B (br) wrote: I've seen it! Yeahhhh brony up! Although season five of MLP FIM is just around the corner! Yay!

Manuel M (au) wrote: Tweede deel van de trilogie gebaseerd op een populaire mangareeks. Hoewel het iets van de charme mist van het eerste deel blijft het wel een intrigerend verhaal. Ietwat langdradige maar sterke opbouw naar de finale. Wachten dus op de release van de DVD van chapter 3!!!

Rob L (br) wrote: I like how the rating system isn't totally like Netflix, where a 2 star means you didn't like it. At least here, it could suck, but offered enough material for a slight bit of inappropriate touching of the genitalia. Or, I just love Kristen Bell so much, I can't bear to be that big of a bastard.

Miista L (de) wrote: One of the best foreign fims ive seen!

Andy F (mx) wrote: Remembered this from years ago and just watched again. It's a slightly stodgy affair that picks up as it goes along and is a little more gruesome than you'd expect for most sci fi / horror from the late 50s. Not bad, but certainly not the classic it states here on RT.

Jonny P (es) wrote: "Amistad" is the American slavery story that made its way to the Supreme Court and yet, you have probably never heard about it. Steven Spielberg brings this story to life in a slow-moving but compelling courtroom setting. I expected much more from this film but that's probably why it is relatively unknown. It competed for four Oscars in the year that "Titanic" swept the event but I don't find any of the noteworthy pieces of this puzzle to be that impressive. The obvious one is Sir Anthony Hopkins and his nomination for Best Supporting Actor as John Quincy Adams. It is very apparent that the nomination is based solely on his impressive patriotic court monologue because the remainder of his role in the film is just average. I also found the performances by big names like Matthew McConahy, Morgan Freeman, and one of my favorite character actors (Pete Postlethwaite) to be underwhelming. The saving grace for the overall acting of this film comes from a young Chiwetel Ejiofor and the non-English-speaking role by Dijmon Hounsou. These two actors draw attention from the rest in every scene. It may be worth watching this one just for those two. The greatest fault of this film is its long-windedness. I understand that this is mainly the story of a court case but the court case relies on our compassion for the slaves. The strong imagery drives the story, rendering the 2 1/2-hour runtime unnecessary. Each excess minute in the courtroom takes away from the poignancy established through the film's introduction and the graphic, heartbreaking flashback. I credit the screenwriters for humanizing the slaves instead of making them into faceless victims; still, the language barrier and extensive dialogue causes the story to plod along until you stop caring about the slaves. Another Oscar nomination was earned by John Williams for his scoring of the film but I find it to be average in comparison with many of his other film scores. It never reaches the heartbreak of "Schindler's List," the driving suspense of "Jurassic Park," or the period-enhancement of "The Patriot." There are a few moments but not enough to make this a masterpiece like many of his other films. Even in a year that was not swept by "Titanic," I can't see this film winning any of its Oscar nominations. "Amistad" is worth seeing for a few memorable performances and the story that it tells, but it is offensive to see Morgan Freeman underused. Not to mention that in the world of courtroom dramas, you are better off spending your time with a second viewing of "A Few Good Men" or "Runaway Jury."

Jeffrey U (ag) wrote: Pure silly and fun entertainment.

Sanjay T (es) wrote: Interesting and intense surveillance film!

VGuru R (jp) wrote: Steve Carell has excelled in both comedy and drama--I mean, he's been in both Anchorman films, The 40-year Old Virgin, and The Office, but at the same time he's shown another side of himself in films like Little Miss Sunshine and The Way, Way Back. This year alone, he has both a comedy and a (Oscar worthy) drama coming out. I love Steve Carell... except when he's in films like EVAN ALMIGHTY. This is a sequel to the hilarious Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty, in which Carell's character from BA, Evan Baxter, becomes a newly appointed Congressman, and moves to Virginia. While there, he gets told by God (Morgan Freeman) to rebuild Noah's Ark in preparation for a great flood. Evan Almighty, in my opinion, is also Carell's WORST film to date. The film was so boring, and I barely laughed. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't laugh at all throughout that movie, and it's filled with a lot of characters with a tendency to say only idiotic things. While the story itself is just a retelling, of some sort, of the story of Noah, it is executed poorly. There weren't a lot of redeemable qualities for Evan Almighty, and this was a film I was hoping to be good since its predecessor was great, and Carell was fantastic in it too. That's not to say Carell was horrible in Evan Almighty, but no where close to how funny he is in other comedies. Most of the supporting actors were trash too, except for Morgan Freeman and John Goodman (no exceptional performances though). I was surprised to see Jonah Hill though. The most shocking thing about Evan Almighty was that it had the same director from Bruce Almighty, Tom Shadyac. You would expect him to deliver on a movie revolving around a character in one of his previous films. In the end, ignore Evan Almighty, and go check out its predecessor instead, it's far more entertaining than this piece of trash. I hate talking like this about a Steve Carell movie, but, all in all, Evan Almighty sucks - 3.9/10

David R (mx) wrote: Favourite bond film! 5 stars!

Greg R (fr) wrote: Interesting, but absolutely prejudiced.