Pirates of Monterey

Pirates of Monterey

A woman journeys to Spanish California to marry a Spanish officer, but on the way she meets and falls in love with an American adventurer who is part of a movement to overthrow the Spanish in California.

A woman journeys to Spanish California to marry a Spanish officer, but on the way she meets and falls in love with an American adventurer who is part of a movement to overthrow the Spanish in California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (us) wrote: Stylishly filmed and the abrupt and surreal elements suits the content. Though maybe a bit overly political and even if the stories are connected through the frustration at corruption and the poor/rich gap, it is not the wholly coherent.

Andrew M (es) wrote: How to Train Your Dragon is inspiring and meaningful. This movie teaches you to take care of the things you love. The plot of this movie is brilliant. I would suggest this movie.

Jairo C (mx) wrote: Perfect portait of El Salvador's civil war in the eyes of a survivor.

Lacy A (mx) wrote: a great film...shows both sides of the teenage mind from the "Normal" and "Broadway Freaks", Awesome numbers and great performances from all actors

John G (ca) wrote: A paycheck sequel, with an interesting chase in the beginning and another lackluster one with a big pointless Blues Brothers pile-up at the end with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and not much in between . . . still, the cast is likeable so this one's an update where you're just checking in on friends . . .

HungYa L (kr) wrote: One can never forget about this movie once one has seen it. After all these years, the score still resonates in one's head along with the most inspiring story.

Sally S (gb) wrote: over the top... but u see it coming

Marcela G (br) wrote: Me gust porqu entend bastante nerlandes, pero esta buena, interesante, la primera pelicula holandesa que veo..

Kj L (jp) wrote: From sock-puppet like animatronics to lines that don't make sense to ripoffs of the franchise, this movie will scar any Turtles fan for life.

Andrew K (de) wrote: A beautiful and haunting movie that very slowly builds to an intense ending. The slow pacing will turn off some viewers for sure. But it worked for me. Probably best to watch this movie by yourself, for some reason Wender's movies seem more suited for watching when you're alone. That's what i think, anyway. I love Nastassja Kinski!

Samantha S (au) wrote: Saw it and don't remember a thing. Not good.

Vuk S (gb) wrote: I absolutely loved this flick because of it's strange and unique plot. Here we are presented with a totally different kind of monster, something that isn't living. No, not zombies, not ghosts, but rocks. Yep, boring old rocks, that are in no way ordinary.These rocks originated from a meteor, and when exposed to water (in the worst case scenario: rain) they rapidly grow, and grow, and grow... until they reach a large enough size to break, fall, and get smashed into smaller pieces, which continue growing. People who become exposed to these rocks turn to rock themselves. Yes, it sounds pretty absurd, but I assure you the movie gives a good enough explanation for most of this.As for the special effects, they were quite good for the late 50's, there's nothing complicated to do anyway, just show rock crystals growing from the ground. The story may be slow at some times, but if you're into unusual subject matter you won't feel bored a bit. If you're a fan of classic sci-fi, this one is really worth the watch.

Jason C (mx) wrote: I watched this awhile back but I guess I forgot to give my 2 cents on it. Pretty sad throughout and especially right off the bat. It gets more lighthearted to a point but remains pretty somber story of an older woman who is dealing with a recent loss and an older one as well. The cast is very good and the story is honest making for an enjoyable watch.

Jacob D (ag) wrote: For movie standards this movie is good, but for A24 movie standards this was disappointing.

Sean S (ca) wrote: Yeah this is five stars good in my book.. Excellent indie drama with big name actors remincising about youth and the path not taken. Poignant and pointed there is a lot to love in this film basically in three parts, present, flashback to youth, present homecoming.