Pistol for a Hundred Coffins

Pistol for a Hundred Coffins


Returning from the civil war Jim Slade discovers his parents dead at their farm. It is said that the gang under the lead of Corbett has committed the crime. Jim now goes for revenge but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pistol for a Hundred Coffins torrent reviews

Dana S (gb) wrote: Dug. This. Film. Lots of fun. The idea is fresh and well executed. I liked that the gore was light. It was shot with just enough to get your head going. I will enjoy watching this many times!

Will D (ca) wrote: Rather interesting piece which requires contemplation. I must sit down and do that one day.

Faith N (kr) wrote: Total rip off of Jawbreaker and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but not completely terrible.

Cedric L (br) wrote: Fun, bright and charming.

Kristina K (es) wrote: i should stop watching stupid movies.......

Kim P (de) wrote: sigh...sounds like more brainwashing to me.

Grant K (nl) wrote: The watershed moment where Murphy went from hilarious to unbearable. Utter garbage.

Nathan D (es) wrote: Beautiful. A must for your kids. Embracing the spirit of Africa and also in the same time romanticizing pre-colonial times.

Wendy J (us) wrote: Cute movie. I own this one.

Lloyd H (fr) wrote: Death Wish 5 manages to fall back to the usual awful form of the previous disastrous sequels Death Wish 2 & 3. Charles Bronson looks as old and worn out as the franchises concept and by this point enough was enough. Bronson's character Paul Kersey must of lost count of how many people close to him have been killed and how many thugs he's taken revenge out on. No originality, no enjoyment, but thankfully no Death Wish 6.

Duperret J (ag) wrote: Un vrai nanard agrable a regarder :)

Jessica H (ru) wrote: The title says it all.

John M (br) wrote: "Society" is a bit disturbing movie, where the fight of classes is presented in a very original way. It has decent acting and great special effects. The story could be much better, but it is an interesting political and economical view. The only problem I have with the movie is the director tends to put comedic moments in the movie when they are completely inappropriate. Also, some of the side characters are just worthless and almost ruin the horror at the end of the movie.I highly recommend this flick to anyone that wants something different and original.

Grant B (nl) wrote: The $1 dvd bin has struck again!!!! THIS ROCKS!!!

matheus c (br) wrote: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane has all the right ingredients of a great cult classic movie.

Oscar H (au) wrote: En Resan till jordens medelpunkt-variant med noll budget. Det brjar bra, sedan hnder ingenting. Absolut ingenting. Skandalst tam film.

Carroll H (it) wrote: Goofy premise, story is stupid and contrite. The kids did a good job of acting however, a Red Dawn made in Australia, may be we will get another Mel Gibson or Nicole Kidman out of this group.